Are you still stalking?
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Are you still stalking?

This is a discussion on Are you still stalking? within the Venting forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; Forgot the only email you had on me was attached to this, guess you figured it out. Oh well. You ...

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Default Are you still stalking?

Forgot the only email you had on me was attached to this, guess you figured it out. Oh well. You still suck either way and want none of that shit about you. Even if it was could you prove it? I'm not calling females bs and has any longer in 19 or beyond, but this is what I will say. How in the fuck do you ever think I regretted losing you? That's funny. What I do regret is not letting you and the idea of you go. I regret bringing it up to my old friend. I regret not letting you out after the first month. And I regret not immediately cutting you off after the last argument we had. I don't regret my actions afterwards though. You know where I'm from, you know how I'm made. If you ain't out two and two together that's your fault not mine. You need serious mental health. You dont need to ruin a good man's reputation and way to earn a living, when all I tried to do was get you on your feet. I'm a motivator not an enabler. I dont give away shit I work hard for. I put people in positions to prosper. As the young and inexperienced person in the relationship you needed at the very least to show initiative before I invest anything into you. I wasted hella money and time on you as it was goddammit. You took even more after and as I was locked up. My whole circle knows about it. We won't let it slide. You weren't worthy enough to know these people yet. You thought I was alone but I wasn't really, I just operate alone, big difference. I'm not a gang member I'm a cowboy. I'm a one man show. But I'm one well connected and resourceful man. I grew up a lonely boss, and yes of course its depressing. But I'd rather it that way than to have all this clout and dont even have a driver's license.... you're a bottom feeder. You think it's over, boy do you have it coming baby. You cant ruin my life and just move on like it never happened, and you ruined your own life. I told you repeatedly to fucking leave if you ain't like me. I made up and said silly shit to run you off and you dealt with it out of desperation you moron. I never backed down from a man in my life, why would I all of a sudden back down to your crumbchasing petty hoarding ass? Huh? My family and friends have gone through a tremendous amount of stress as did I. We wont forget it. We expect you to lose and learn more hard lessons. They expect me to win and that's WHAT WILL happen. You made my mom cry about me, she got sick from lack of sleep worrying about me because i was down bad. But I'm working again. You wont know shit about it until court. You won't know shit i do after that. I'm homeless. No point in a restraining order, i want nothing to do with you. I just want my name cleared in the court. I dont care if you're shithead broke friends know whatever you told them. You're lucky you ain't end up in a hospital. Whatever i did was in self defense. Speaking of defense... never mind ain't gone say all that, but my advice if you're still stalking is to DROP IT. Because if you don't... I'll defeat you in court. You drag me through all this shit and try to make me look bad when you're the high school drop out and I'm the corporate america drop out with a bachelors degree in engineering and know for great things in multiple communities. You dont stand a chance fighting me in any way shape or form. Yiu better focus on your "job" and avoid playing with grown men that are REAL and don't call cops or a hundred fake hundred homeboys to handle their problems. Any guy that knows what happen and is around you isn't to be respected and he can get it too. We know what you tried in the gym. I'm a real boss with real boss sense, you can't outsmart me. You've already lost, you just don't know it yet.
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