'm removing ALL of my preferences related to Sony and boycotting them forever!
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'm removing ALL of my preferences related to Sony and boycotting them forever!

This is a discussion on 'm removing ALL of my preferences related to Sony and boycotting them forever! within the Venting forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; Sorry if I poorly copy-pasted the title. The first word was supposed to be "I'm". Throughout the past few months, ...

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Angry 'm removing ALL of my preferences related to Sony and boycotting them forever!

Sorry if I poorly copy-pasted the title. The first word was supposed to be "I'm".

Throughout the past few months, I have becoming a very unexpected Michael Jackson fan for reasons that will be classified from this forum.

But then I came across a video from a YouTuber called "The Rageaholic" talking about the history of Michael Jackson, but because of someone else mentioning it, I so far only watched the two rant parts of the video, the first disproving MJ's allegations as a child molester, and the second (and this is the big one) ranting against Sony as a company and how he summarized the point MJ's sister Latoya also made that Sony was responsible for MJ's death just so they could make a quick buck. Right after, he lashed out at PS4 fanboys and his last sentence in that section was, "Fuck Sony, and fuck their fanboys!" https://youtu.be/_VTpvHYrUag?t=29m20s

...............You know what? This actually made hate Sony with a passion now! Them being responsible for indirectly murdering the King of Pop is the last straw for me on this company! It all started two years ago, at the height of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot controversy with the trailers receiving unanimously negative reception, the Rotten Tomatoes score being in the 70s, and I clearly remember someone ranting about a lazily-put together pre-release review video basically showing a guy giving the movie too much praise.

Then the next year, Sony released a trailer for the worst idea of a movie, "The Emoji Movie," that actually interested me with the concept that "You can be who you are and don't let anyone take you down for it". This was before I found out that Wreck-it Ralph had the exact same concept and The Emoji Movie was ripping it off. That was the one that kick-started my hatred towards the company. Eventually, this worst idea for a movie became THE WORST mainstream animated movie of all time! How do I know that? It became the first animated movie to win the Razzie Award for "Worst Picture".

And Sony's evilness is not new! My tech-savvy Dad told me that one of the main reasons their Betamax format lost to the technically inferior VHS from JVC was because Sony made Betamax a proprietary format, whereas VHS was made as a relatively open format. This means that you had to get approval from Sony to make a Betamax player, whereas anyone can make a VHS player.

And pretty much the only reason why Sony made the PlayStation platform was because Nintendo betrayed them for Philips for help on the proposed Super Nintendo CD add-on, and that was because something in their contract with Sony said that Sony would gain all the money on EVERYTHING related to the CD add-on (including the game sales, which is what Nintendo was worried about) and Sony refused to change the contract in any way.

And now that I have seen a couple of people, including MJ's sister claim that Sony killed MJ (https://aishamusic.blogspot.com/2009...d-michael.html) is stunning proof that I am now going to BOYCOTT the ENTIRETY of Sony!

I have been going back and forth on whether or not I'd be getting a PSVita only because it was regarded as a great handheld console, but now hearing this.... I am GLAD I did not get a Vita in the first place!

I loved "Spider-Man Homecoming" when it was in theaters, and I was going to buy the Blu-Ray, but because the movie was still distributed by Sony, I am NOT going to be buying the Blu-Ray, and I will be GLAD I did not!

Speaking of Blu-Ray, I was put in an uncomfortable position on whether or not I should sell my Blu-Ray player and ALL of my Blu-Rays only because Sony owns control of the Blu-Ray format. After some research, I may have found that a collection of other companies, including Microsoft, of all companies, own control of the format. I don't know if this is true, but if Sony owns the format, I am going to sell off ALL of my Blu-Rays.

Speaking of my Blu-Ray player, the only reason it's a Sony-brand is because my parents got it for me for Christmas of 2015. I did not choose the brand, my parents did. But if I was going to have to choose a new Blu-Ray player, I would choose one from ANY brand except Sony!

Since 2012, our family has a PS2 downstairs, one year before the console was discontinued. I had quite a few great experience playing a few games for it, but I don't even want to play on it anymore AT ALL only because it was made by a company I now hate with a passion! Speaking of 2012, that Christmas I got "The Amazing Spider-Man" on DVD (You can tell I'm a big Spider-Man fan as well.), and I thought the movie was alright, but now because of regards that it's just "mediocre" but PRIMARILY because the movie was owned by Sony, I am going to want to sell it off as well because of it!

I also have a section on my hard drives of movies I have/want to watch eventually. I could not find the time to watch them all yet, but now I am wanting to completely remove all of the ones distributed by a Sony-owned studio completely from my hard drive!

Last, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I had quite a few movies that were some of my all-time favorites like "Monster House", "Zathura", and especially "Groundhog Day", but because they are all owned by an evil corporation, I am now going to STOP WATCHING THEM, because Sony is just THAT FUCKING EVIL!

That, and many others, is the extent in which I am going to boycott Sony for good for the rest of my life because they are JUST THAT EVIL!
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