I have become the thing I hate the most..
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I have become the thing I hate the most..

This is a discussion on I have become the thing I hate the most.. within the Venting forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; I've had a number of bad relationships, they all cheated on me or wanted to...one was just bat #### crazy. ...

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Default I have become the thing I hate the most..

I've had a number of bad relationships, they all cheated on me or wanted to...one was just bat #### crazy.

Since my last big break up six months ago I have changed completely.
Now I am single again, I just cannot give a flying #### about women anymore.

I am currently dating 3 women whilst still having occasional meaningless sex with my ex (that I met 2 weeks after coming out of a 7 year relationship) , my ex (belgium ex) btw is 10 years older and I dont really find her that attractive, but she earns 150 an hour so we do some crazy stuff.

When we met I told her I had been single for 2 years just so I could get in her knickers easier, went went on holiday/work trip to Belgium (that she and her company paid for) and whilst she was working at the conference I was banging hookers at the red light district.

A couple of weeks before we broke up I went to Amsterdam with a mate for a whole week, and spent 1000 in the first 24 hours.

I use about 4 escorts a year in the UK..and I drive like prick.

I also drink to excess and troll people on PC games.

Vegans do my head in, as much as the whole dating thing...and women in general

The three I am dating are all completely different, one is 24 and quite hot, but a complete dumb ass. the other is 34 and 5ft10 1/2?? im 5ft 6 work that out...the other is youthful mid early 40s and works in law and was married with 2 kids at my age. I like the variation between the three. I did also see a festively plump girl who wasn't attractive, I just wanted to see what is was like...she had an amazing personality and was really nice, so I told her I was a prick and she best avoid me.

uni is really fun if I see a girl I like in a multi class lecture, I take a photo of the register and track her down on FB see what she is like then take her out to dinner. regardless of the people i'm datin

The Twist

All this I do in the days that my parents have MY children (uni days) and some weekends...

I am an incredibly loving and caring father of two beautiful children who are my world, I'm a really friendly down to earth guy who would literally do anything for you (including my vegan friend who does my head in) I volunteer, doing various bits a pieces and regularly donate to charities.

What went wrong?

My ex of 7 years who I had two children with has a long miserable history of depression and personality disorders. I gave up everything for her, my career...friends EVERYTHING I was the sole carer for her and our children.
couple of years back she started getting a lot better and I was able to start university, something that I always wanted to do.

the final thing we thought to help with her insecurity was for her to get a boob job which I paid for.....after she got the boob she went completely bat #### crazy and fell in love with best mate at the time. when he told her to do one, she left me and the kids and went to live with her mum 2 hours away. so she could "party" like she always wanted with her new tits.
the night after she left I woke up to two police officers arresting me for a whole host of heinous crimes that she told the police I committed. I was only given no further action the day before I Amsterdam

The weight on my mind over those six months of possibly being imprisoned for 12 years completely broke me as a person, I cried enough tears in the first 3 weeks of the break up to last me 100 lifetimes, until I met my last ex (Belgium/money etc) and started being a prick.

There is a dark side to my character now that comes out to play when the kiddies are away.

Thanks to all for hearing my vent/rant!
It's very refreshing to just finally accept myself for the prick I am


If you met a really nice guy who drives a flash motor, that you instantly get on well with and have an insatnt "connection" who makes you feel alive

Sorry I am really a prick xx
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You sound like a prick. Not a good man but a good father.
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your ex sounds like a bitch. I don't blame you.
Respect. Keep doing your thing and try to enjoy life.
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