I am scared about how unsolvable Climate Change really is
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I am scared about how unsolvable Climate Change really is

This is a discussion on I am scared about how unsolvable Climate Change really is within the Venting forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; I'm really afraid of what the future is going to be in regards to the health of our planet. I ...

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Default I am scared about how unsolvable Climate Change really is

I'm really afraid of what the future is going to be in regards to the health of our planet. I just saw a clip from an upcoming Adam Ruins Everything episode about how Climate Change has become completely and utterly inevitable.

I am not going to put a link to the video in there as I think doing so might ban this thread for violating the rules, but it talks about how our dependence of fossil fuels have changed our way of life, yet at the same time has negatively impacted our planet!

What I am the most scared about is this: If we stop burning fossil fuels, companies and countries might go bankrupt and we would have to completely change our way of life. If we continue burning fossil fuels, this planet is fucked.

I know this episode hasn't been released yet and I don't feel like subscribing to Cable just to watch the show, but I need a bright side to all of this doom and gloom!
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First of all, I agree that the burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal etc) are not the best as there is pollution. What we have to develop is another alternative source of energy that is cheap, reliable and safe and it would be great that we wean ourselves off oil and coal permanently.

However, climate change has been happening on this planet long before we humans showed up and will continue long after we're gone. Even if we were to shut down everything that burns these fuels, I believe the climate change will continue as part of a cycle. And as part of this cycle, years from now, we'll once again be looking at very cold winters etc. The fossil records show the Earth has cycles. Warm climate for a number of years, then cold (to ice ages) and back again. This happens over thousands and even millions of years.

The Earth is a living thing. Everything in cycles and that even includes the tectonics. An example is that the Ring of Fire is showing a bit more activity. Part of a cycle.

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Humans likely won't be around long enough to witness the real changes. It's pretty much a given at this point that the vast majority of non-human life will be gone within 100 years...
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My lecturer in Ecology once said on the subject
"When the Titanic was sinking there were three types of people, The ones who had once last dance as the ship went down, the ones who jumped into the freezing cold water and those with buckets, bailing water, doing everything the can to delay the inevitable"
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Climate change freaks me out. And now the US has a president that doesn't agree with climate change and wants to build a new pipeline and invest in coal -______-

On fossil fuels- I don't think we're just going to suddenly run out and then the economy is going to crash. There are many alternative forms of energy already (wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, biomass) and many more being researched and tested. If anything, we are going to slowly ween off of fossil fuels. The only thing we will really need fossil fuels for is transportation. It will be difficult to recreate the transportation infrastructure. But have you seen the research on algal fuels? It's amazing!

Climate change isn't my main concern though.. it's water. There's a pipeline that runs under the great lakes that's 50 years old and isn't in good shape... it could potentially experience a major leak, which would destroy the great lakes. The great lakes are 20% of the world's surface freshwater. Who needs fuel to get us around and light us up when we literally need water to survive? Could you imagine if the prices of water skyrocketed? Create some awareness for the pipeline here: Contact Michigan's Leaders: Shut Down Line 5

Just my thoughts on the matter. I can't predict the future or anything. But we should all have a back-up suicide plan if some giant natural disaster happens or something goes horribly wrong. I don't want to suffer to death..

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