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This is a discussion on Every Little Thing within the Venting forums, part of the Feeding the Fire category; I don't know if it's just me or people are starting to irritate me more than usual. I went out ...

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Default Every Little Thing

I don't know if it's just me or people are starting to irritate me more than usual. I went out to eat today and this moron in the restaurant is talking super loud and of course I heard every freaking word he said. I was thinking to myself, "like I really want to hear your stupid, boring, pointless conversation." I don't mind people having conversations while they eat. After all, it's what people do. Just keep it the fuck down so the whole place doesn't hear your conversation. When I go out with someone I talk so low that the other person can barely hear me and I think more people should do that. It's rude to be talking that loud. I couldn't wait for them to leave and if that wasn't bad enough, this table of idiots comes and sits down right next to my table and has a freaking baby crying. Like I really want to listen to that bullshit while enjoying a meal. Going out to eat is supposed to be a pleasurable experience but nope, people always got to fuck it up. Why even bring a baby to a restaurant unless it's a McDonalds or some place made for kids. You know a baby is going to cry 9 times out of ten and people don't want to hear that while they are trying to enjoy a meal. Then I've seen people coming to restaurants sick as hell hacking and coughing. Why the fuck don't you stay home if your sick? Other people don't want to catch your bullshit. Have some consideration for others. My boyfriend gets annoyed when people blow their nose but that's not half as bad as a baby crying loudly or some idiot hacking and coughing. I am a clean person who goes out of their way not to get the flu or even a cold for that matter. I don't want some moron hacking and coughing around me. If your sick, stay the fuck home. And as luck would have it, they always have to sit a fucking table full of people right next to us even if the whole restaurant is empty. Why me? I am about as far away from a people person as you can get and don't want to sit by anyone, much less a table full of people. Sometimes 6 or 8. It's to the point now I feel like staying in and eating so I won't get so annoyed from people's bullshit. And let's not forget how the assholes look at you when your eating, most likely judging. Yeah I have a good appetite, so what. I'm enjoying myself, or at least trying to. I've seen people looking at me when I'm trying to eat like what the fuck do they expect me to do, sit and look down at the table and eat nothing at all? I mean, you do go to a restaurant to eat, am I correct? God people always annoyed the shit out of me but lately it's like it's gotten worst. Quick memory and then I think I'll end this post. I remember one time me and my mother went out for one of our birthdays (don't remember if it was her birthday or mine) and if its your birthday this restaurant has an all you can eat buffet. Anyway they have this little room and at thee time there was absolutely nobody at all in this room except for me and my mother and not even 5 minutes into digging into our meals this table full of bitches had to come sit by me and my mother when they could have sat absolutely anywhere else in that little room because as I said, it was empty. I was so mad and can't stand when people do that. Why the hell would you choose to sit right by me and my mother when you could have sat anywhere else in the restaurant? I sat back in that little room way in the back for a reason, I wanted to be left the fuck alone and not have to listen to people's stupid conversations. Is that too much to ask? Then of course my mother couldn't hardly back her chair out because this idiots were sitting directly behind her. Again, they could have sat anywhere in that room they wanted but chose to sit directly behind us. I was pissed. And I wanted to put a little food in my purse to take home for the next day and of course I couldn't do that because those bitches probably would have seen and told the manager because that's another example of people's many flaws, they are nosy busy bodies. Oh, and tattle tales. So I went home empty handed and I never go to this restaurant because it's a buffet and I don't normally want to eat such a large amount of food. We only go twice a year. And I missed the chance to take something home. People need to mind their own fucking business, that's one of the things I hate most about them. If I saw someone put food in their purse, and I've known people who do, I wouldn't say a word because its none of my business yet people can't do the same. And then there was this other time when my and my boyfriend went to the same restaurant like we did tonight and this bitch waitress was being really rude about my perfume. What happened was there was some couple behind us and I turned around and saw the waitress making stupid faces and the lady asked what was wrong and the waitress says, " oh its the perfume." And the lady said, "oh I thought maybe my baby smelled bad or something." The waitress then said, " oh no, babies smell good." As if she was implying that my perfume doesn't smell good. And I understand some people don't like perfumes because of allergies to which I could understand that but this bitch was so rude. Then she was our waitress too. If my perfume bothered her so bad all she had to do was ask another waitress to wait on us or even move us to another table. Hell, I didn't want to sit a that particular table anyway because like I said, but want to sit by crying babies but shockingly this baby was quiet the whole time, shocking. But getting back to my story, if my perfume bothered the bitch she could have gotten another waitress to wait on us or moved us to another table. Why complain about my perfume like I'm really going to stop wearing it because she didn't like it. Even my boyfriend didn't like her and he likes everybody, we're total opposites in that regard because I like almost nobody. But whatever. Hopefully next time I go out to eat I won't be completely annoyed. That's why I typically chose restaurants that I know are not usually busy. I prefer to avoid people as much as I can. They irritate the piss out of me most of the time.
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Lot of times I feel different than most people with depression like one example is depressed people hate themselves a lot of the time and they are overly critical of themselves. I'm different in the sense that for one, I don't need to be critical of myself because there are plenty of people in my life who are more than happy to be critical of me and two, its not that I hate myself, its the fact that other people seem to hate me for no reason. That's why I'm depressed. Not because I hate myself, but because other people hate me. And for no reason. I'm a quiet, keep to myself, don't bother nobody, and mind my own business type of person. I am not a bully, it's the other way around. Most other people are bullies. And I'm definitely not a bad person. Everyone else in this world are the bad ones.

And another thing that sets me apart from other depressed people is that depressed people lose interest in things and don't want to go nowhere. I'm the opposite. I want to go places badly but can't find no one to keep me company and go with me. I don't really want to go places alone, I would feel awkward. That's another thing I am super depressed about is the fact that my mother and I won't be going to the zoo this year or the fair or anything that's fun in the summer because her health has rapidly declined since last year. Her kidneys are failing and she will be on dialysis soon. I was afraid this was going to happen and I seen it coming even last year. She went to the zoo with me but I noticed she was having a really hard time keeping up with me and she needed to take more breaks than usual. But her condition has gotten a lot worst since last year. And my asshole boyfriend always has an excuse as to why he don't want to go nowhere. Oh it's too hot, or oh I can't do all that walking, blah, blah, blah. He is just plain lazy, that's all. He acts like he's 100 years old and he is only in his mid forties. Most men are like this too so it's not like I can just go find another man. Every guy I dated is a lazy piece of shit who just wants to sit around the house and never go anywhere or do anything fun. Funny how they got the energy of a thousand men when it comes to having sex but to do anything else that requires being physical and forget about it. Eyeroll. Same old bullshit. At least in my mom's case I could understand her not being able to go anywhere because the other day she got winded just going to the bathroom. I really did see this coming even last year but I was hoping I was wrong. But my boyfriend is still young and there's no other excuse for him not wanting to do shit except the fact that he's just plain lazy.
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Default well said by FLAME

I appreciate the effort you did for writing this post.
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