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Sad for Shadow

This is a discussion on Sad for Shadow within the Troubled Loved Ones forums, part of the Depression Forums category; Hi Sparkling! I wanted to try reaching you while I was in NYC but I wasn't able to log on, ...

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Hi Sparkling!

I wanted to try reaching you while I was in NYC but I wasn't able to log on, and didn't have energy after a 10 hr workday to go to an internet cafe. I just wanted to get home and lay my tired body down lol!

I don't know who the mother of this 9 yr old is, but the woman who was telling me this story is the one who ends up feeding this little girl every day, and taking her with her everywhere cuz this girl's own mother doesn't give a crap about this child. I told this woman she needs to contact Dyfus and let them know what's going on there. There is NO reason in the world to allow your 9 yr old daughter to be on her own every day, or even for ONE STINKIN HOUR a day. It just sickened me to think this little precious girl is being treated like she's a heavy suitcase the mom doesn't want to drag around. Makes me LIVID. If I knew where this girl lived, I'd call social services myself....

Anyhow, glad to see you on and glad you are doing ok. I thought of you many times during my NYC project. It came out beautifully so I was thankful for that.
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Today was a rough day. I felt drawn to the site for comfort, and sitting here with tears streaming down my face, I am reading all of your incredibly supportive and loving responses. Thank you Sparkling for all you have said in your post. It means alot to me to know Shadow is special to you, also. You said alot of very true things and I hope for Shadow to see it sometime soon. And AllThings, thank you also for your kind words and your prayers. We both need them more than ever now.
God bless you all.
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you know my thoughts. i am thinking of you, too.

stay strong - and keep coming back. we will support you through this horrible time.

as always
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Thank you sooo much. I need help too. I will be back as often as possible. So much going on right now. Trying to cope each day.

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Default Response to all things and mom of shadow

Thanks so much for your kind words. We're all in this together. And our caring, thank God goes beyond just our kids. I think that is the way it is supposed to be, and then we hurt when we see these people who can't even care about their own kids. My heart goes out to those children. I have to leave for work, but I plan to come back and post to both of you, and see if perhaps there are things that we can say to that woman who is helping the child, that she might do. But dyfus isn't the answer. I used to work for an agency that worked with abused kids, and dyfus for the most part did nothing. They claimed that they were over worked, understaffed and under paid. Our agency sent them so many children that needed immediate help, and all they did was put the children right back into the abusive situation. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm going to think on it today. but we can't do anything to harm the anonimity of this fabulous site. I am not sure what we can do for that little girl. Lets the 3 of us put our heads together. And Mom of shadow, hang in there, it will get better. I promise you that. He's reaching out, he's feeling needed on the site (he is so needed and everyone loves him), but I understand. When my son was younger, he would write suicide notes in school, and they would call me and my ex down and we were so concenred. I realize now, my son was so reaching out. He was right in the middle of the constant fighting of his dad and me (who had been divorced at that point for about 10 years). He is a wonderful adult today, who doesn't even remember it. He's one year away from getting a law degree. But it was hell, every week a differen tpicture of wanting to die, a different letter. But he got to express his emotions. Sometimes, kids just need to be able to put the pain on paper, or in pictures (another son drew the ugliest drawings of death and gargoyles and won art awards for them). But I think all children need to express themselves. All 5 are living wonderful lives (only 2 did I give birth to). So I promise you, momof shadow-hang in there. Just love him and keep sharing your thoughts so that you can get through this. It was very hard for me to tell anyone back in those days that my son wrote letters of wanting to kill himself. But he's a very caring gentle soul, and that was his way of expressing his unhappiness. Anyway, I am praying for shadow today. I will keep you both and him in my thoughts as I rush around in work. I'm wishing you both tremendous peace, and love
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