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My Daughter

This is a discussion on My Daughter within the Troubled Loved Ones forums, part of the Depression Forums category; sorry aries i hope you feel better...

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sorry aries i hope you feel better

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It's taken me a couple of days to "digest" the Juries choice on the matter that they decided. Here's the sad, pathetic, unfair, & my daughter was let down by the system.....

He was Aquitted of both 2nd degree charges. :x The Victum's Advocate from the DA's office called later to explain to me this....." The Bailif did hear the Jury say that they DID believe that he DID do this; just NOT enough DNA evedience to convict him of 2nd degree sexual assult charges." I explained to this lady; they let her down & so did the system. She told me that they didn't let her down; it was the Jury's decision. I explained that...Hey no problem; I'll "clean up" the mess & help her get through this, but now they now let another child molester free. She didn't seem to be "thrilled" with how I stated any of my statement. I was thinkink of a Civil lawsuit against him; yet those are costly & I just don't know if it's fair to my daughter to put her through any more.

I'm sick to my stomach over this whole thing. They knew he was; yet not even 1 count of anything. I guess the worst part for me, was hearing it, then watching them *he/his wife break down in a bunch of tears; but before I left, she looked at me through all those "tears" & managed to give me a grin....... Lucky for her, I'm feeling so sick, a Deputy was there, & I had to restrain every bone in my body not to go over & do something that wouldn't serve any purpose. I'm/my daughter are truly struggling to move forward with what choice was made by this Jury. I give my daughter ALL the credit in the world for being as strong as she was; because I couldn't be in the court room with her; due to being a witness.

I thank you all for your deep, loving, caring, & prayers through all of this. It truly makes me grateful to have such a wonderful/caring place to share with my dear/loving family. Thank you again. It will be awhile before I come back here; as my daughter needs what little strenght that I have left to get her to move forward with this, her life, & now the lesson that she has been "taught.......Justice may not be not always fair; but what comes around; goes around." While I wish no ill-will on people, he will make a mistake sooner/later; since he feels that he got away with all of this.

I'm deeply saden by all of this, but will be back. Please, again, thank you ALL for everything that you've done for both myself/my daughter. (((HUGS))).


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I am sorry I didn't pray hard enough Aries. I am sorry for this, I really am. I can only imagine what your daughter is feeling right now, what you are feeling right now.

The justice system is a joke they value people's belongings over people's dignity... bureaucratic soulless pricks. Well the whole world is screwed up otherwise this wouldn't happen.

I can assure you though that if he doesn't repent, which I know he wont cause these people are just.. evil. Anyways, what I wanted to say was fiery hot pitchforks up the wazoo for him, I think you know what a wazoo is. ;)

I am trying to restrain myself right now... all I want to do is shout and cry because you two didn't deserve this. I really badly wana go over there and give that shit who abused your daughter his well deserved justice, perhaps a Columbian neck-tie.

I am sorry, sorry, sorry so sorry... this should have never happened. I am sorry I didn't pray enough. I am sorry to say I forgot to pray every day about this for you. I did remember most days though. Your daughter, you, didn't and don't deserve any of this. That prick will get what is coming to him. *hugs* You daughter must be in so much pain right now.. be sure to tell her I said sorry....
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Default im soo sorry

im so sorry about what had happened...i had to live my whole life with this one thing in my mind and it kills me to see this happen to someone of that age because its the age of curiousness and so on when i was 3 yearsold my fathers friend he knew his whole life rapped me i dont remember it because i was so little and so there was no trial nothing he got away free and last year i saw this man..he came to visit my father...i felt disgusted and i wanted to just stabb him to death and now im scarred to get into a serious relationship with anyone beause the feeling i have to be scarred of having sex but im 16 and i understand what your daughter is going through i feel so sorry for you and her cuz it will never be the same again...but just tell her to live here everyday life its not her fault that man deserves life if you ask me he is a pervert and he will be listed as a registered sex offender for the rest of his days....if you ever need me im here to talk to you about anything
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i'm so sorry aries...
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Aries, this is terrible... I'm so sorry that happened... They believed you... and still let him walk away...
I'm so sorry... (((HUGS))) to you and your daughter... I can imagine how you might have wanted to do something to him... for sure... I'm kind of with Z myself...
But I'm glad you didn't... that would have only made life more difficult for you... and your focus now is what you're doing... you and your daughter getting over this...
I wish I could do something for you, but all we can do is think about you and be here to chat whenever you are able...
We're here for you, Aries.
Many many hugs and love,
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Very sorry Aries for you and your daughter. I know you must be so angry and disapointed, both of you, but at least you stood up for yourselves--your daughter stood up for herself. The system let her down but she can tell herself that she was brave, very brave and did all that she could; I think later that will mean alot. I agree, the system is a disaster. Someday, someway, this guy will get what he deserves. He has to live with what he's done, even creeps like him have a conscience though it may not seem so and it will eat him up forever. He will pay in some way, things do come back to you.

after awhile, try to focus now on moving forward with your lives. The best thing either of you could do is heal.
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Aries, I too am very sorry to hear that the system has once again failed you and your daughter. I think that you should talk to her and see if she wants to file a civil suit. I know that this situation has been very difficult for both of you. It isn't fair that someone can do this, especially to a minor, and then get off scott free. I know that if I had been in your shoes I probably would have tried to kill the guy and his wife.

Please take care of both you and your daughter. I think that right now you need each other. You are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers.
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It makes me sick to think a friend like you could be going through that much pain
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she can do it. if shes got your blood in her she can push through anything. you help alot of people here aries, and thank you for that. you willl help her through this. you just might not know what your doing when you do. good luck
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