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Your dream mate

This is a discussion on Your dream mate within the Things that make you happy forums, part of the Inspiration category; OK, I thought I had my dream guy once, but then I woke up! He would be about 6ft tall, ...

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Old 12-21-08, 02:36 PM   #21
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OK, I thought I had my dream guy once, but then I woke up!
He would be about 6ft tall, dark hair and blue eyes.Dreamy blue eyes!The kind that shimmer in the sunlight, and become sooo intense when looking at me!!!
He would have a great personality! Caring, loving of all things! All of Gods creatures! He would be respectful of me and others, Not full of himself!
I've always dreamed this guy would have alot of money too, but thats not really the case. If he met the requirements above I could do without the money.Because we would e living on an isolated island! Tropical of course! Tropical breeze in our hair! Warm sunshine all around! Sand inbetween our toes (and elsewhere) LOL!
Get the picture?
Keep on, Keepin On Peace Out
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I feel as I expect a little too much from others...

In terms of appearance, I'd rather not have someone who is clean-cut and high-maintenance. I like people who have an earthy sort of appearance, if that makes any sense. I really don't understand society's current standards of beauty...

-I seek someone who is very open-minded, and just gets it that others shouldn't be seen as enemies just because their different. This person would get it that a lot of things we see as black and white really are various shades of grey, and that a lot things we see as opposite aren't. This person would also get it that we don't have to observe the absolutes that society wants to us observe.
-I'd like someone who isn't caught up in material goods and superficial appearances, and realizes that there are much more important things out there.
-This person would get it that I just don't like stuff a lot of people see as fun (e.g. dances, clubs, parties with tons of people), and wouldn't worry about me because I'm spending good bit of my time with myself.
-I wouldn't this person being low-energy, but hard-working; and cynical, but ironically idealistic...such as myself.
-It would make sense for this person to be child-free considering that starting a family isn't a goal of mine, and I really don't see myself as being fit enough to raise kids.
-This person wouldn't just respect human-kind, but would respect other lifeforms, too. Well, this person would even respect non-living things, too.
-We would respect each others' independence. I wouldn't be able to tolerate someone who is clingy.
-I like the person to have aspirations in life, and not be a "blob."
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Aarrrgh! My dream mate is my ex-partner!!!!

I dreamt about him again last night. he told me I was his soul mate and that he had never gotten over the feel and sense of me. Time meant nothing to him and the energy flowing through his body from just holding me, I knew he was the one. I was meant to spend my life with him (maybe I need to go to the confession thread!)

Anyway we haven't been together since I was 28. I'm 41. I'm still single

(small sob)

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Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
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Old 12-21-08, 09:51 PM   #24
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hmm, personality. I guess she would be sweet, caring, and keep to herself mostly with me. I mean she would go places and hang out with friends but not really no clubbing or running rampant ya know lol. I would like for her to understand my problems and love me no matter what. Ah, I need to leave this alone it's just making me depressed I already have a girl who I'm commited to living the rest of my life with, this is just pondering for me.

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If God isn't working for you, then He is working through you. Spread the love.

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Old 12-29-08, 06:22 PM   #25
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I like turtles and have short blond hair xD
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Old 01-11-09, 02:17 PM   #26
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... >> *dives in for it all*

- As forementioned, not a blob. Wants to do something with their life and has dreams for the future, dreams that can easily include me as well as dreams that they can complete on their own.

- Intelligent. Studied. Able to conduct long philosophical and emotional conversations rationally and without shying away from their own worries.

- Relaxed, but driven. Someone who doesn't need me holding their hand to get their responsibilities done, but someone who I can also spend all day long with and not feel guilty for doing nothing but relaxing.

- Kind, gentle, full of cuddles, kisses, and sneaking in to shower with me.

Male, female, tall, short, blond, black-haired, brown eyed - I don't care. Looks are so shallow, so randomly a toss of the genetic dice when it comes to what is really there - what is inside. Of course a beautiful body would be cool, but the truth is, when you are in love that person IS the most beautiful, the end. Being in love with looks is just waiting to bite off trouble.

- Loves animals, loves living, can respect. NOT a hypocrite. Has a back-bone and isn't a camelaon, shifting and changing their deeply held opinions depending on who is around them. Loves learning. Cleans up after themselves.

Has a sense of adventure, yet gives off a sense of being a "rock" - stable and comfortable, isn't going to run off on you for no good reason.

Enjoys video games, anime, manga, History Channel, Animal Planet, walks in the forest, gets giddy over going to the library...

;P In all honesty, I doubt anyone out there would exist, so I'm content with supplying myself with a mirror and saying that that is perfect enough for me, until something comes along and sweeps me off my feet.
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Old 01-13-09, 12:52 PM   #27
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My dream mate will draw nice pictures and will not like when things are going as he does not want. He will not be hypocrite. I would die for him, just want him to be happy.
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Old 01-17-09, 09:28 AM   #28
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I'm weird.

- Motorcycles turn me on faster than anything. Has to drive a motorcycle.
- Intelligent but knows how to have a good time.
- Non-smoker and a casual drinker.
- Would hold my hair back when I'm throwing up.
- Doesn't want children. I can't carry them and I don't want to adopt.
- Likes spring and dislikes winter. Loving winter wouldn't work for me - I can't stand it.
- Dark hair. I love green eyes, but that's not a requirement. I just would like it.
- Loves to read. Would sit and read while I do. Would also read the books I've read so we can talk about them. I can't think of a better dinner table conversation than a book.

Um...I can't think of anything else.
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Old 02-01-09, 11:25 PM   #29
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My perfect mate.... in random order.

Nice smile
Intelligent (I don't do jock boys)
Taller than me
Doesn't mind being the "man" as in having self confidence
Thrill seeker or adventuress
Can carry on a conversation easily, while doing something physically (stimulate my mind, not just my body)
Strong enough to handle my emotions and won't get all quiet on me, or let me win..
Healthy but without the huge icky muscles
Personality is a plus

I really wouldn't care how much money he has... or what he looks like to a certain point. Ofcourse there would have to be a connection/attraction. Like when you look at that special someone in the eyes, and suddenly you find yourself shyly look away trying to hide the grin that just masked your face.. from them.

Ok... hmmm

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My perfect guy would look like the boy next door, gently tousled light hair, beautiful enigmatic eyes and smiles in a sweet way every time he sees me. He'll be tall, but not too tall.

I won't go by looks alone, my perfect guy is sweet and kind, intelligent and thoughtful. He'll have a good sense of humor and loves to laugh with me. He'll love me despite my little quirks. Above all, he'll make me feel alive when I'm around him.
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