When it doesn't "get better."
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When it doesn't "get better."

This is a discussion on When it doesn't "get better." within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; Mine is a chronic illness that hasn't responded to therapy. I am not mentally ill, my "depression" is due to ...

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Default When it doesn't "get better."

Mine is a chronic illness that hasn't responded to therapy. I am not mentally ill, my "depression" is due to my illness. Let the illness go away and I would be remarkable undepressed. It angers me when I read the pablum of the therapeutic community, with their recommendations of "counseling" and their many, many drugs. They hide their self-interest behind a veneer of "caring" and "compassion."

How many years should one suffer before giving themselves relief? Suicide is no worse than going to the cabinet to get an aspirin.
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Hi, I'm really sorry that it feels that bad. I get it. I've got chronic conditions I've sought help for and the Dr's haven't been much if any help. Pain hurts, mental or physical. I would like to add that suicide is harder than just going to the cabinet and can hurt alot more than some pills for a headache. Just hang in there. Many of the health professionals do care, they just don't always know how to help. I find it helps to remember that they are just another flawed human being that don't know everything. Doesn't always mean that they can't help in some way. My Mum tells me I have to keep trying, so I will, even though I feel I don't have the energy. Being alive is hard work but we are still here. Thats always an achievement, even if it doesnt always feel that way, it is.
I hope it does get better for you but it never will if your gone.
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I agree totally with what DarrowBlue said. He gave a very good answer. Between the time when you wrote what you did and now, today, I hope you are feeling better. I can also relate to your situation. I have a few areas of illness that cause me chronic pain which in turn triggers lack of activity, thereby feeding the pain, interest in being with anyone or doing anything and this has gone on for years. I always wonder if I will live every day left in my life with this much pain and discomfort. And if I am to, then why? What's the point? I have not been able to ever answer those questions with a reasonable answer. But Darrows answer of the fact that we are still here IS an achievement, that is a good one. So maybe in a month we can check back in and see how each other is doing. I wish you both the very best in the days ahead.
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I used to be where you are now. Chronic pain can be managed with the right specialist. I've come from a wheelchair and couldn't walk or talk. Somewhere along the road you find what works for you, or should i say fits in with your lifestyle.

There is a difference between saying medication and medicine and viewing it that way helps you understand treatment, not cure. If you self medicate as a result of all the 'glitters' to make yourself feel better, you will start to see a pattern take shape. Three days. One day.

Educate yourself to your best ability. That's how you will find the way back into having a fulfilling life, regardless of 'disabilities' ;)

One day you're going to surprise yourself, like an epiphany.

btw: I'm not implying anything here, just one person to another sharing experiences. Problem=Solution
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