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I need serious help

This is a discussion on I need serious help within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; Hey... I didn't know how to go about this but I thought I'd give this forum a try I'm a ...

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Default I need serious help

Hey... I didn't know how to go about this but I thought I'd give this forum a try
I'm a troubled young man (at 24 almost 25) I have been giving plenty of opportunities with my family and friends. I have worn out my resources for places to live and people to be around.

My father yesterday told me he doesn't love me anymore and we usually get through things but I feel like he's had it... simply has had it with my lack of trying it's not really anything I've done just simply he's fed up with me not moving forward in life. He said he doesn't really want me around anymore. I don't live in the house with him and the family (him, his mom, etc..) I live in a travel trailer on the family property and the property consists of 10 acres.

It hasn't been that bad for me but now that everything is going away I now realize just how good I had it.

I've been through the court system and he's tried to get me to do the right thing for so long and I feel like shit about not doing the right things for not just me but everyone who believes in me.

Long story short... I need advice on how I'm going to move past this.
And the immediate problems are I'm facing potential homelessness or even getting locked up again. And I really don't want any of that I don't even want to be in this shitty trailer anymore.

I feel like I should move out but I have limited funds and am living off SSI (social security) for like 700$... and I know I've been a worker most my life but there's some mental issues with me too that doesn't allow me to do well with people - I do however like being around people. My mom doesn't want me around and none of my family is even an option to live with right now.

Usually my father is more than good to me - i mean after all he gave me a place to live and tried getting me out of the legal system. But now he's beyond mad and it's almost like he's possessed I know it sounds weird. But, it's just not like him and I'm positive it's my fault.

I have been feeling somewhat imaginary suicidal lately and I don't know if I should use that to get into an institution or to just lay down and accept whatever trouble comes my way. I just really need some advice on the whole thing.
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You have so much to live for. I wish I was getting $700 even once, let alone monthly. Maybe you can get government housing? Your father was very wrong to say he doesn't love you just because of something as trivial as jobs/careers. He should love you for YOU. I love you.
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Default Thank you

Thank you for the reply and your kind words. I think government housing would be good... I don't know exaclty how to go about that though. I know my dad still wants to help me but he's fed up almost entirely... As am I. I wish I could snap my fingers and make this all better cause now I feel like I come from a broken home and it feels awful - I never thought it could be like this in a million years but it is. And it's a harsh reality. I really need something to do. places to go. I was thinking getting my car insurance... and going places. But where? I haven't the slightest other than church and I don't wanna do that cause I feel like I don't wanna bring my problems around the house of god and good people. Any input would be appreciated.
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