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I am plotting again

This is a discussion on I am plotting again within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; insearchofpeople, i hope you have found a way to lessen your feelings of suicide, i do understand feeling like you ...

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insearchofpeople, i hope you have found a way to lessen your feelings of suicide, i do understand feeling like you are life's doormat, we all need to be loved and wanted and you're desire of that is legitimate, it's just so hard sometimes to see who is right for us and who is not, people are hard to read, people in our circumstance really need to take a long time to open to people to keep from getting hurt and even then it happens, don't let that discourage you, you can find peace and love
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Originally Posted by InSearchOfPeople View Post
Hi there. You might had perfectly good intentions replying to my post. Or not. Either way, it looks to me like you are projecting may be your own situation onto me? Or your perception of my post is way off. Or may be your post is just standard cliche positive motivational essay (are you a bot?)))

None of what you said is relevant to my post, my concerns and my troubles.

Anyways, thanks for the input.
Hello insearchofpeople, no i am not a bot and never had any bad intentions. On the contrary i tried to help you by demonstrating to you, a different school of thinking (instead of the usual one for you and the ppl you interact) when it comes to dealing with unfortunate events and negativity at any point in life. In my opinion this perspective is valid to all kind of people going through a tough period emotionally as a result making them view all aspects of life in a negative way just like you suggesting that some lifes are ''pre-destined to fail''

I mean even with my message you pointed up all the negative stuff you first though about it, so yes i insist on my previous message, you me and everyone has to eliminate as much as possible the negative thinking, embrace the unfortunate events we going through and accept them that they are part of human life and then work on the positive thinking which i can guarantee that this would attract positive energy and experiences in our lifes

Anyhow that's what i have to offer to you to you... when i first read your message i replied at, that's what i though will certainly help you if you implemented it so i just shared it with you. Now you may also perceive this like my previous message as another cliche motivational message and i am fine with it and i will respect your call cause you are the only one that can help yourself at the end of the day whatever i and any other member of the forum suggests.

Wish things get better soon one way or another <3
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