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Fuck it...I'll just kill myself.

This is a discussion on Fuck it...I'll just kill myself. within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; And I realise that I don't even post on other peoples threads on here... "you either die a hero, or ...

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And I realise that I don't even post on other peoples threads on here...

"you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain"
Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights, and the most indispensable of the duties.
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Please keep trying...I'm really getting teary eyed reading a lot of this. You are a good person and you need peoples' help right now. Please just focus on the smaller parts to getting whole.
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i really think you need to look at this situation rationally. Try to see their perspective clearly. Though they have a strange way of showing it, they seem to care about your well being. They WANT to see you get better. They want to see you stand on your own two feet, grow into the responsibility of being an adult.

You cant just dwell on the mistakes you have made. Or call yourself lazy. You need to focus on now, tomorrow, a week from then, a year. You need to decide where you want to, and NEED to be, and make a plan on how to get there. You need to stick to that plan like you have no other choice. Its not easy.

You really do have to stop feeling "sorry" for yourself. And i dont mean you cant feel bad or have bad days-but feeling that way will just make it hard to motivate. You need to control the stress. Look up resiliency training.

Your parents are trying to put stress on to enable you to get things done, but i think you are feeling so much stress that you cant. You need to find a way to destress but keep enough that you can do these things. Make sense?

I think yoiu want to fight them, but you are only fighting yourself. And you are only hurting yourself by doing that. You need to take care of you. By that i mean set yourself up for the future.

So here is what im going to ask you to do-write down a list of what you want accomplished in a month, 6 months, and a year. Dont even worry about how you will accomplish these tasks. Just come up with them.
-What You Run From Only Stays With You Longer. When You Fight Something, You Only Make It Stronger-
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i beg to differ. i have seen u encourage others. u protected me in a thread with a troll. whom was trying to hurt members here.

my life and my age has granted me much wisdom. i wish u guys and girls could see urselves as i see u.

u r way too hard on urselves. had my husband not died suddenly, having usurped my monies, my son would never have worked till he had completed graduate school. that is how the wealthy did it before the economy went awry.

school work is ur job. nowadays, ur parents r having troubles. financial. it aint u. its the economy.

but, when i was younger, and anorexic, for modeling, but also cuz the bible said "he whom does not work, cannot eat," i just learned to not eat. now, that i understand the god i serve, i realize i do work.

i may have had to give up law and ministry due to physical limitations. i have ms, lupus and now parkinsons. no cure. no treatments now available.

but, in lieu of normal work, i "work" forums for chronically ill. and, i came over here with a friend of mine to try to help a bit.

but, i see ur job is to learn whom u r now.

ur parents seem to disagree. death is never the answer. i learned the hard way.

there r part time easy jobs out there, inventory jobs, that would be enuff to appease ur parents whilst u figure out ur goals, ur life.

i have tremendous respect for u. ur writing.

i wish u guys could see urself as an older, not so depressed person with training sees u.

please, all of u, just hold on. life will get better. i promise.
riverstyx ~~it is well with my soul~~
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