You are definitely not alone
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You are definitely not alone

This is a discussion on You are definitely not alone within the Suicide Prevention forums, part of the Resources category; I started thinking objectively about some things,maybe sharing my thoughts could help a lonely soul to stay alive. I always ...

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Default You are definitely not alone

I started thinking objectively about some things,maybe sharing my thoughts could help a lonely soul to stay alive. I always thought how lonely i am in all of this trouble,yea everyone has problems and much bigger than mine but nobody is a mess like i am. And then i came here and saw, all of you tortured souls and hearts by your own minds and devils and hey i realized well i am not alone, its not just me that goes through suicide thoughts and attempts,self harm and other demons we get to deal with. It sound awful to say im not alone in this there are others who is in pain but it makes you better when you see you are not alone and its not happening only to you.
But then i thought, those people are not here i dont know them its just online thing and even they are going through hell i dont know anyone in person who goes through what im going,none of my friends,family.. so i am alone again. Then I caught myself into thinking
-put yourself into others shoes- in this case, lets -put my troubles into theirs- I am quiet person nobody knows my troubles, i dont wanna tell anyone i know and when i think now, the way i am and that im hiding what im going through, why there cant be others who do the same? Maybe somebody I know is strugling too and they are hiding it just as i do? And they also think how lonely they are, just as i do. But how would i know? How can we all know? Well we can know one thing and I think that this forum show us a lot of it, no matter how alone physically we are, we are NEVER ALONE in this, there will always be somebody or something for us, there is always at least 1person who would be there for us, we are just so blind by this tormenting thoughts to see it. We may feel lonely but we are not alone, we are all in this together. We really have to realize that there will always be somebody for us, online?forums?social things? whatever, it doesnt matter as long as we have someone to listen when we talk/write thats what matter and you will never be alone in this, hug your cat,dog,bear toy,pillow, a stranger whoever and whatever when you feel lonely and dont let
youself lose this battle, stay strong, stay safe

Self harm or suicide is never the answer.
Dont let the haters win. KoRn
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I also just found this forum, and you know what.. I think the same as you. I feel alone. I suffer alone, I consider and think of suicide a lot.
I'm not alone though, their are a lot of tortured souls.. And that means we can be there for each other if there are so many.

Imagine if we created a community for depression and we all lived their,, on our good days we help others who are having bad days and other way around.

It wold be a creative community..l openness honesty trust and complete vulnerabilities.
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