Sending out some hope
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Sending out some hope

This is a discussion on Sending out some hope within the Suicide Prevention forums, part of the Resources category; Hey. Have been on here a few times reading threads, and just wanted to send out a little bit of ...

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Default Sending out some hope

Hey. Have been on here a few times reading threads, and just wanted to send out a little bit of encouragement to those of you struggling right now. Hang in there. Survive. Tell the part of your brain that tries to kill you to go fuck itself. Get better out of spite. Do some amazing shit. And when you just can't, when it's too hard, when you have no fight left in you anymore, do it anyway... Just hang in there. It does get better (and worse, and better again) even though when I am in it it feels like I have always felt like this and always will, historical evidence has proven this to not be true.

I am not doing so hot right now. I am having trouble functioning, winter is kicking my ass. I am feeling numb, in slow motion, paralyzed, unable to move or do any of the stuff that daily living Says i am supposed to be doing. I have to fight the urge not to break up with my life. But I know spring will come, my mood state will level out, and sanity will return. even if it doesn't last. I am trying to take my own advice. A lot of people write about how terrible the world and people can be, but I am choosing to try to focus on the good. I am trying... Anyway, I only know what it feels like inside my own messy head, but if it helps know that you are not alone. Hang in there everybody. 👯
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Thanks man. Yeah, life can be pretty rubbsh but it's not all bad. You hang in there for us too, CB.
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I think it's a great realization that mood varies over time. When you feel strongly the tendency is to think that feelings are static, that you will feel like this in the future too, because feelings seem to be based on outside circumstances. Not really true, feelings change and they don't seem to be directly correlated to what's going on as much as they seem.

So yes, if you're feeling something strongly, it will pass, whether for good or worse. All you have to do is wait. Also if you can, dissociate from the bad feelings: create a model where it's not really you that's living them, it's just an emotional part of you.

Like for example I noticed at one point that I was easily annoyed when I didn't have enough rest. Then when I caught myself in that state, I would think if I had enough sleep or not. If I hadn't (which was actually every time), then I knew the feelings were not really real, and would pass after a good sleep, so no point empowering them by thinking in accordance with them ('why am I bothered?', 'who's wronged me?')

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