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trans woman

This is a discussion on trans woman within the Sexual Abuse forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; Hello, Two months ago I traveled abroad and met a girl from the tinder, looking like a female to all ...

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Default trans woman


Two months ago I traveled abroad and met a girl from the tinder, looking like a female to all intents and purposes, but when I got there she told me she was an escort girl and she wanted money.
I told her I was not going to escort girls and she just brought me by the hand until I finished.
I suspected a little during the act that she would not let me touch her or take off her clothes,
And she seemed to have a lot of hair extensions, I talked to her later and she confessed to me that she was transgender and was really hurt by Meza.I felt at Brown for a week, I told a few friends who of course laughed at me and it passed.
The thing that suddenly a month later I started to remember it again and since then it's just stuck in my head, I came back to my country and I still think about it and very upset about it.
I feel like I've been sexually abused, I've had a lot of difficulties in my life and I've had a lot of mental scars but I've never dealt with a problem like that.
I'm 100% straight and that's why it bothers me so much.
Since I was with her, I had already slept with some women, and yet this thought still comes up here and there.
I do not really know what to do, I decided that first of all I'll post a posere here and maybe try to go back there and hurt her like she hurt me, I'm talking about hitting her even though my chances of finding her are pretty faint, I know it sounds childish but sometimes I think it's a great solution to close circle.
i'm doing meditation for already 2 years withoutmissing even 1 day, im just changing the time here and there between 20-30 minutes. i do the do nothing technique, should i keep going?
Thank you,
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Welcome to this forum,someone..that's a whole story you tell here...we can imagine this sexual encounter was indeed a negative act because you did not expect a transgender....the issues of transgenderism are very actually coming on in my country..recently a very famous news reporter for VTM Belgian television suddenly announced that he changed from man towards woman totally==lipstick,women clothes,hairdo,hormones treatment,complete sex change...he is married and to my surprise his wife accepted it...i do not know what to think about your encounter but in most cases there is a guilt feeling being hetero 100% it leaves you with a wrong feeling inside,the only thing you can do is trying to get over it and forget what happened,but that's not Thailand one cannot distinguish a lady boy from a real woman until they take off their clothes,Thai society accept transgenders,in lots of countries they accept it as well but they get negative comments from people...let me tell you a funny anectdote which comes close to yours==my cousin went through a difficult time in his marriage and they split up(they are back together as i speak) he went to a brothel in Antwerp and picked up what he thought was a good looking woman but in fact it was a he..he said he went through with the sex because he even paid for it of course..he never told his wife because he felt ashamed,he told me because he cold not cope with the guilt feeling...i do hope you put yourself over it,the sex industry is a weird one sometimes specially when a transgender is involved..we do hope your meditation helps...and thanks for so openly telling us your needs courage to do it..thanks...
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