I thought it was normal....
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I thought it was normal....

This is a discussion on I thought it was normal.... within the Sexual Abuse forums, part of the Mental and Physical Health category; When I was in 4th grade I moved to a new state. I went to a new school where everyone ...

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Default I thought it was normal....

When I was in 4th grade I moved to a new state. I went to a new school where everyone looked different and spoke a different language than me. I wanted to fit in so bad. When I saw him touching the other girls, I thought it was normal. Everything was different (what I learned, how we ate at lunch, everything) so why would I ask questions now? Then it started happening to me. I was so confused because I thought after it happened that I would finally fit in.
He wouldn't let me call him by his name. I was only allowed to call him Mr. My teacher molested me. Even writing it makes my skin crawl. I'm now 22 and am just starting to remember the details. I suppressed the memory for years. And if it weren't for a friend confiding in me about her situation, I honestly don't even think I'd have remembered. Now I have nightmares (when I actually sleep- which is rare). The more I try to forget, the more details come back.

Two years later I went back to visit family (where I was born- not where I was molested by Mr.) and I remember there was a lot of drinking (I come from a long line of alcoholism). My brother and I were sleeping in the same room and I remember waking up to my cousin (who is 15 years older than me) forcing himself on me. When he was done all he said was "if you weren't so hot this wouldn't have happened"-I was 12). My brother never woke up. How could I have let this happen twice? What was wrong with me? I have now gone years without even remembering this happened. When my friend was telling me about her situation every moment played in my head and since then I have to been able to stop thinking about it. I still don't understand everything. There are holes.

I have tons of questions and am embarrassed to talk to anyone about it. So I thought I'd try this forum. I've deleted this next part numerous times because I'm not sure I actually want to confess it. But here goes nothing.
I am 22 and sex has always scared me. It has never been appealing to me except with older men (30-50s) Men in authoritative positions (my bosses/managers/teachers). For this reason, I have never had consensual sex. Something is wrong with me.
I am a very confident person, it has taken me time but I am finally comfortable with who I am as a person- including how I look. But any time someone my age is interested in me I always sabotage it. For some reason I only attract married men and there is always a piece of me that just wants to go for it. I feel like I only deserve dirtbags.
Is this normal considering wht happened to me? Or am I actually just a piece of shit? Because I am certain it's the latter.
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You've done a brave thing by sharing your experience and I think its better to do that than keep it all bottled up. It certainly sounds like you think you don't deserve better because of your experiences and this is a real shame because what happened was not your fault and not within your control. It was something done to you. I certainly think that being self aware is the key! If you know why you are inclined to go for married men then you can help prevent getting into situations with one because I think it would just continue to make you feel bad about yourself if you were the other woman.

When it comes to sex I think you need to find the right person that you are comfortable with and take things one step at a time, it's okay to be scared and its okay to go as far as you are comfortable with. Hopefully somewhere down the line you will start to enjoy it more and your past will become less of a concern / barrier.

I feel like I want to give a more detailed answer and try to help further but I haven't been in your situation. I've heard many horrible stories from people close to me and your situation makes me feel very sad that it seems to be far too common.

I hope you get something out of this site, even if its only the courage to seek further help elsewhere or confide to someone you can trust.
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Hi Grippedbyanger.
I'm glad you found your way to this forum and have the bravery to share what has happened to you.

There is nothing unnormal about feeling that and you are definitely not a piece of shit. No one can tell you how you should feel and there is really no right or wrong way to feel or react.

I can only tell you from my own experience of eventually remembering more and more about what happened that it have impacted my daily life in more ways then I though was possible. Even in the interactions that doesn't remotely seem to relate to what happened. You are still here and I am convinced that sharing is a first step to getting a better understanding of your own situation and what is going on for you.

I know we are many on here who share similar experiences so please keep sharing what you are comfortable with. And I hope you are in a better place these day.
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sexual abuse

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