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Small Penis Complex

This is a discussion on Small Penis Complex within the Self-Esteem forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Fertility, symbol of power, and very loud shallow people....

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Fertility, symbol of power, and very loud shallow people.
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I don't know if this will help, but- I dated a guy when I was young that had a very large Penis. I kid you not it was the. Worst. Sex. Ever. - it hurt. I'm a short girl, and we didn't fit well together at all. My husband is about the same size ad you and it's the best. We can be together in any position. Without being so uncomfortable. - if you are still concerned though. Your mouth is a very powerful tool! If you are good with finger and tongue (wich many are NOT) you will do just fine!

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If she loves you unconditionally then it's not an issue. If she doesn't accept you as you are then she doesn't love you unconditionallyand why are you with someone that doesn't accept you for who you are.

You also have to deeply and completely love and accept yourself just the way you are before someone else can love you back in the same way.
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Default Small Penis and it's effect on Confidence

Having a small penis like I do (no, not the 5 or 6 inches most guys THINK is small) has destroyed my self confidence and has stunted my chances to get intimate with women. I have what is called a "micropenis"(now THERE's a term to really build your self esteem with).

Those that are well-intentioned point out that more women orgasm by stimulation rather than intercourse. This totally misses the point. It's the effect it has on a man's self confidence, and how being small in that department is embarrassing and makes you ashamed. You feel inferior to other men. The impact of those feelings of insecurity play on your mind.

For instance, there was a girl I was interested in. She was outgoing, talkative, and attractive. All the things I wasn't. But being so shy, and afraid of what her reaction would be if she ever saw how small I was "down there", I never persued her. I was also afraid that she might tell other women or that she might laugh in my face. In fact, most times in my life I shied away from intimacy - even though I was so lonely and wanted and needed that physical contact so badly.

Even though I know I'm a good person, have a good sense of humor, and treat women with respect - traits supposedly attractive to women - I seldom had the nerve to make a move. Oh, I talked to women (especially as I got older) but I seemed never to even realize when she might be attracted to me. I guess I never even considered that she might want to get close. That's how low my self-esteem was (and still is, for that matter).

Shyness and lack of self-confidence are the 2 biggest reasons for my failure with women. I'm 60+ now, never been married, very few girlfriends, and had actual sex with only one woman in my life that wasn't a prostitute. I'm not proud of having sex and paying for it. It's quick gratification, but leaves you feeling worse about yourself and honestly, unfullfilled.

So here's my advice: if you have any of these issues, get help before it's too late. Please! It's AWFUL to be alone. I know this all too well now. Talk to a close friend, talk to a counselor, talk to someone you trust. Don't keep it inside for years and years like I did. It won't turn out well. It might hurt to say something - no one wants to be judged harshly. But if they are truly a friend, maybe they can help. Please try. We all deserve better. The shame I have inside me for being a guy without a girlfriend; for not finding someone that loves me enough to marry me, or even be with me for an extended time, is devestating. I hurt inside so bad I want to cry every day. Please don't end up like me. No one knows the pain and suffering I've had for so, so many years. It's almost unbearable.

I go to parties - alone. I do have good friends, and they have never embarrassed me by asking me why I don't have a girlfriend. I imagine some may think I'm gay. I mean, they never see me with a girl. I don't know. I've had a couple try to set me up with a date, but they didn't go that well because of my shyness and fears. I think now they don't even try - and why should they? They have their OWN lives to worry about. Besides, a guy that can't get a girfriend? Really? What the hell is wrong with you? Well, I'm educated, intelligent, trust-worthy, etc. etc . etc. But the one skill I've never been good at is persuading women. And only I know that the root of my problem is below the belt and the brain cramps that go with it.

Again, I plead with you. Get help! NOW. Don't wait because the day will come like it has for me when life has passed you by. The pounds have been put on, the body doesn't work as well as it did when I was younger, and my "equipment" doesn't work like it used to - not that I got very much use out of it. Don't become the broken down old warhorse I've become. I'm set in my ways now, have basically given up on life (not suicidal, but depressed for sure). I'm going to die alone - and have BEEN dying alone inside for more years than I can count. Good luck. Thanks for reading.
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Interesting topic from the year 2014,but loser in love gave it a bump today...
i have been very interested in sexual matters my whole life and i still am to this day..
i do not care too much about penis size(me being perhaps between 4 to 5 inches)
do guys ask themselves questions about clit sizes,breast size etc???why should they really?i believe that most women can be extremely stimulated by oral satisfactions,be it done by a man,women or a toy...fact is that the porn industry,the bragging about larger guys i have a penis larger then you(ah)is an issue for smaller guys?most women i talked to do not like large size because they get satisfaction enough from an average size..and as some women stated here vaginal intercourse is not always necessary to reach a good orgasm either for a man/woman...i do not like people too much who disrespect others for how they look,i do not like anorexic women but i will not disrepect them for being so,same for girls who develop a complex or depression because they think they are fat,ugly or is a union between 2 people which depends on lots of other things aside from sex,me thinks..if a woman tells a guy your dick is not to my liking then she should go somewhere loser in love i would say==don't feel conscious about your size..why compare yourself to other men?i reckon before intercourse you should talk about it with the partner to be...wanna make a bet it would improve your self confidence if you are accepted even you being small?are you afraid of a backlash and a negative comment???these kind of girls are not the real ones because if sizes are important then they put guys into categories and that's not what sex is all about,me thinks..if a woman should make jokes about -the size of a man then skip these kind of women,they are usually frustrated with lots of life issues and prejudices...shyness is a self esteem killer in lots of on your self confidence,even at your age a positive change is possible...a woman who truly loves you takes you as you are and will not judge you on appearances or penis size..thanks for your posting,we understand your problem although lots of us do not feel your problems or mental pain/ seems to be a battle sometimes..
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