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This is a discussion on Vim Fanatics Unite within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Diversions category; It's no secret that I'm a vim fanatic, and almost my entire computer is setup for vi like key bindings. ...

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Default Vim Fanatics Unite

It's no secret that I'm a vim fanatic, and almost my entire computer is setup for vi like key bindings.

I use Slackware Linux as my powerhouse on all my computers, and have bash (my command line input) setup for vi key bindings. I just press ESC and I can use h,j,k,l to move along the text, or bash history, and i, SHIFT+i, or a, SHIFT+a to move to the beginning or end of the text.

The majority of the keys are as follows...

hjkl, to move through the text character by character, or line by line.

i : Insert before the current character.
SHIFT+i : Insert at the beginning of the line.
a : Insert after the current character.
SHIFT+a : Insert at the end of the line.

I won't go through everything, as there's a lot I know I know I know, but I don't know, and there's a lot that I do know I know. (Try to say that ten times fast).

My window manager (what controls and shows the windows on my screen) is dwm, and ALT+hjkl moves through the windows. I never touch the mouse. ALT + , and . move between my two monitors. Also, I do not have a START button. I have to press ALT+p and type in the program I want to run.

My editor of choice is vim, which is completely text base. As well as my file manager, vifm. Everything I use, except for the darn internet browsers, are vi key based, and only text, too.

(Not sure if the image posts here, so Here is a link to the image.)

Normally I don't use transparency, but I have it set up for when I decide to do so. The programs are as follows, from left to right. dmenu (How I type in programs), tabbed (a program that lets me put other programs into a tabbed window, which you'd see File Manager and Auxiliary as the tab names). vim (my text editor), cmus (My music player), vim (with my last assembly macros I wrote opened), and last another tabbed with my calculator opened up centered on screen with First and Second as the tab names.

Not many people would be as excited about this as I am, but I really really enjoy setting up my system like this. I remember DOS way too well, and have ever since been a keyboard junkie. So much so, that I even have vifm and vim installed on a few of my family's windows computers so I can work on their computers when I have to.

Unfortunately, I'm disorganized as all hell, but meh, I'm slowly getting things ordered. It's just taking a long long long time, heh.
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I use vim for editing configuration files but graphically I use Emacs ;) Mainly because of org-mode though.
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