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New laptop

This is a discussion on New laptop within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Diversions category; hp dv4 something or other us. against my better judgement went with windows 7 (wtf does the 7 refer to ...

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Default New laptop

hp dv4 something or other us.

against my better judgement went with windows 7 (wtf does the 7 refer to anyway) as I could not find anything appropriate running xp pro. Would not consider vista.

Fucking unusable.

I DO NOT wish to 'discover' my new comp. It's for work, not fucking off looking at pretty things. It's a specific device, purchased to fill a specific need; recording vid from an external device.

Which I cannot do, becase it CONSTANTLY pops up windows offering me tantalizing glimpses into unseen worlds of wonderful product only a click and a credit card number away.

Fucking beautiful piece of technology. Truly gorgeous, Completely hobbled and turned into an unutterably frustrating hunk of shite by microsoft, hp, and cohorts.

I will now pay someone more tech savvy than myself untold $ to attempt to rip all this shit out of it and turn it into something that will do what I ask, and NOTHING ELSE, and just pray the drivers exist to allow them to do so.

Want to know what is wrong with America? Look no further than this hunk of puposely/purposefully turned to shit beauty. What the fuck happened to the idea that a 'feature' was something desireable to the person buying the product? That 'added value' was value added for the customer, not a chance to force-sell some more crap they don't want to them? That you were selling what you purported to sell, not a gateway to selling more?

I WANTED TO BUY A PRODUCT. ONE fucking product. Not an endless hole of cascading valuless shit.
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This would be the reason why I rarely bother to buy any new laptops/PC's.

It's way more cost efficient to just upgrade your current PC's hardware. Though, in your case with a laptop that might not be true. But anyway, not only does it ensure your system remains Windows XP compatible (which is, in my opinion, still the best Windows out there.), it also saves you the hassle of having to re-orient yourself in the newly purchased laptop/pc.

And, you won't have the mentioned in-system adds poping up begging for your money all the time either.
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Old 04-16-10, 02:26 PM   #3
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yeah vista's shit, be happy you dont have to put up with that awful piece of shite

computers piss me off
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I don't know why but I've used vista for awhile and haven't had problems with it. Although first thing I do when I get windows is turn off all excess features and optimize it for my use.
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Old 08-23-10, 11:42 PM   #5
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Vista is fine but require a lot meatier hardfware than XP or Windows 7. I personally only use Windows at work, all of my home machines run Linux or OS X.
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Give Vista any sort of software to install.. and you're doomed..

I spent 9 hours trying to install Microsoft Expression Web 3.0, no word of a lie.. nor exaggeration..

XP still the bees knees
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

--'If' by Rudyard Kipling
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