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Fav Browser?

This is a discussion on Fav Browser? within the Science and Technology forums, part of the Diversions category; I quite like google chrome like raging silence. It's my default browser....

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I quite like google chrome like raging silence.
It's my default browser.
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Originally Posted by Living Hell View Post
I use firefox and use vista styling :) , i find it a lot more secure .
I think that is the first time someone has said the name of a web browser, "Vista" and "Secure" and actually meant it....

Hmmm Don't get it

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I use FireFox but wish I could use Opera (I have Opera). I used to use IE, and I found that there are pros and cons to all of these.

IE (slow, too slow dont know why but no matter which comp. I used it's just so slow)
Firefox, I can't stand that it's a memory consumer, constantly gotta shut it down, it freezes, can't handle PDF without an add-on, can't do a lot of things it should do without an add-on, but it does do well with High Contrast which is what I use my computer in High Contrast because I'm badly photophobic when it comes to light.
Opera, runs fast, doesn't have High Contrast (not so great) but some of the search bars will be completely black with black text. It was the first one I know to have speed dial, and--

But a lot of websites don't support Opera yet.

So when Firefox doesn't work, I have to use Opera. And when sites get updated new and improved it'll run faster in your browser, I can't use Firefox or opera, and end up having to go to IE for those things. So I kinda have to use all these places in conjunction.

There are pros and cons but dang it, is it frustrating waiting a few minutes to open up another browser. But that's because they haven't invented a perfect browser yet. (those are what I could think off the top of my head)
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