Found something I want to do, no clue how to get there
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Found something I want to do, no clue how to get there

This is a discussion on Found something I want to do, no clue how to get there within the School forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; (This is gonna be a long one) I am currently in my last class for my undergraduate degrees. I say ...

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Default Found something I want to do, no clue how to get there

(This is gonna be a long one) I am currently in my last class for my undergraduate degrees. I say degrees because I double majored in Political Science and Math/Economics. Problem is, I only picked those because it was what I was good at. I no longer have any desire to be a part of the political system here in the U.S., and the more advanced math courses have either been too boring or too difficult for me to take interest. I had no clue what I wanted to do until about 6 months ago.

I would like to become a psychotherapist. After having depression for almost 6 years, the only thing I can think of doing is trying to help others who have had similar experiences.

However, I have only taken one psychology class while in school, and after I finish my current class I'll be over $30k in debt for the time I have already spent in school. Becoming a therapist usually requires at least a masters, so I'll need to go back to school eventually.

I am completely stuck. I want to take more psychology classes to apply to grad school but I have no financial help. My family won't be much help since they've decided to gradually stop supporting me financially after this December, so I'll need to look for work just for living expenses, and I live in a pretty expensive area so part-time work may not be enough.

I just don't know where to start, and it's seriously stressing me out. I can't afford any additional classes that I know of, I don't know which classes to take if I were to find any, I don't know where to start looking for possible internships, and I don't know what to do about my student loan debt after I graduate. If I have to find a full-time job, I'm afraid any positions I qualify for will drain me too much to try and seek out anything else afterwards.

If anybody has had any experience in this area, or knows somebody who does, any advice would be appreciated.
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I hope you will manage to become therapist, you sound like nice person. I am sorry, but i have no useful advice, because i am hardly organized myself in my uni.
It would be smart to find some job, that doesnt take too much of a time, or that can be done easily, so you can study while doing it. So you could pay off your loans.
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First of all - from my own experience - there is always a way. So your nickname suits you very well :). Knowing your true goal in life brings you already half way there. The 30$ debt is an american thing. You can study the same stuff in Europe for a (whole) lot less. And if money is an issue you can't handle, then you can still study using the Internet. You can always become a mental coach, help people for a while, make some money along the way and finish your masters later.
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You can be a therapist by getting a Masters in Social Work (two years). Some good social work schools don't care what you majored in in undergrad, as long as your GPA was decent. You can boost your chances by taking the GREs or MATs. Social workers can be therapists.

A lot of therapists, possibly all, had mental or some other serious issues and decided to give back. Sounds good! But yes, if you don't plan on going straight to grad school, please get a good job before you graduate.
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