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college and me

This is a discussion on college and me within the School forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; there's some seriously wrong shit happening at my school re: mental illness. i gather it is not uncommon to find ...

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Default college and me

there's some seriously wrong shit happening at my school re: mental illness. i gather it is not uncommon to find this sort of thing at universities. basically a crisis counselor at my school had me nabbed by the cops and put in the mental hospital.
i now have to conform to a treatment plan to stay in school. since it's the summer now i don't think it's the same, but i bet it's going to start up again next year.
i would highly advise any people here who go to college to avoid discussing any and all issues of mental illness with school crisis counselors. one of their primary responsibilities, i think, is to determine whether a person is clear to be at the school. if you are acutely ill they can and will kick you out of school, and it might be damn hard to get back in once they do it.
in short, TRY to play it COOL when you're in SCHOOL, folks.
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Default Re: college and me

That really sucks.. Thats what really puts me off talking to them in school or whatever...
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Default Re: college and me

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Default Re: college and me

Man, I'm sorry Dreamer that they're treating you like that...

Originally Posted by Stellar
Is the case worse in high school or in college?
At my college, it's not really bad, I went to the consulor once and he was good...high school was terrible, after sophmore year, my school only had one guidence consulor for 400 students (and she was really bad but they wouldn't get rid of her because she was tenured). It was early on in the second semester of my senior year and my meds had been changed for the 3rd time in a week and the new med I was on was at the lowest dosage (because I had just turned 18 and the drug wasn't recommended for people under 18). I had a breakdown at school and went the consulor (don't know what the hell I was thinking in going to her). She decided to send me home. My mom got me and found out that I didn't get homework done (I was so depressed, I couldn't do my own homework). Let's just say that my parents gave me the third degree for not having homework done and basically grounded me for having depression (couldn't even sleep in my own room for 4 months).
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Default Re: college and me

Yeah, I would recommend getting outside help. I went to a counseling offered by my university. She just labeled me "the avoider" and seemed very unprofessional. I dropped out of that school and don't plan to go back. College is so isolating, I guess I never found my niche. At least she didn't think I was too unstable. Never tell them you've considered suicide, unless you trust them. That's always awkward.

And that seems illegal.
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