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This is a discussion on College... within the School forums, part of the Life's Other Challenges category; Hey, everyone. i know i havent been on at all lately, ive just been trying to get settled in here ...

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Default College...

Hey, everyone. i know i havent been on at all lately, ive just been trying to get settled in here at my college. its really hard though. my roommates are fucking stupid, they rarely go to class... they dont do any homework... and they stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning... EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!
i am starting to lose control of my emotions again and ive been getting into a lot of fights to help cope with all the problems im having. over the past 2 years ive been going to a psychologist weekly, but now that im down here and away from home i have nobody to talk to about what is going on. its so hard not to have anyone to talk to. it makes it nearly impossible. all i really do is go to class and do homework. i dont really sleep that much becasuse of my roommates, and i cant do anything about it for like another month or so. im just not sure what to do any more.
can anyone please help me!?!?!?
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Default Re: College...

I'm curious as to why you can't do anything about your problem for about a month. What do you mean by that?

Anyway, I found college to be isolating, too. There are so many slackers...and they're especially prevalent in lower-level classes. You'll definitely find more people like yourself when you start getting into classes that are more specific to your major. And as for your roommates, have you mentioned anything to your RA about them yet? If you don't trust your RA (there are lousy ones out there :( ), talk to another RA in your building. You might have to see about switching rooms, which isn't always something you can't do at the beginning of the school year considering that Housing and Residence is trying to sort who did and didn't arrive on campus, and that there's usually a bunch of people who'll drop out within the first month or two.

Does your college have a counseling center? If so, I definitely recommend that you take advantage of it. The university I went to limited the numbers of individual sessions you were alloted per year :x , but, nonetheless, it was still better than nothing. Also, there was group counseling, but you had to sign up for it early on because the dynamics of those groups did not permit people to join late.

And even though your studies are important, you probably should do a few extracurricular activities. They'll constructively give you break from homework and class, help take your mind off of your roommates, and you may come across some like-minded folks in these groups. Also, extracurricular activities are good thing to list on your resume. Employers like to look for people who did well in classes, but also took the effort to do other well-meaning things with their time.
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Default Re: College...

You sound irritated, you have every right to be. I go to college too and roommates can be a real pain sometimes. Why don't you try talking to them about the problem and don't sound accusing, try something like "I feel really irritated when you make alot of noise at night, because I want to get some sleep I would really appreciate it if you would be quieter." If that doesn't work, then try talking to an RA in your dorm.
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