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sleepy 06-08-13 06:28 PM

Someone please tell me...
...when this will go away. It's been over a year since, what was for me, an incredibly traumatic parting of ways. I think about this person daily (still) and dream about them. They were the goal for anything I did which is a really big problem now as they're gone.

I miss them an incredible amount but also hate them more than anyone I ever have. Thinking about this person is a huge trigger. I avoid going on countless people's Facebook pages just because I know it's likely her name/picture etc. will show up on their page.

However, I just searched for someone in order to find out whether a ligament disorder they have is the same as something I think I have. And yep. There she was. I even covered the screen with my hand except for one part and she had to show up there. Now, the picture of her being happy and living life without me is seared into my skull and I'm sure won't go away for any foreseeable time.

I was just going to make dinner which I am sorely in need of but now I want to throw up and can't be bothered anyway. My life has gone off the tracks as it is. I just see no solution to this. It really feels like it's never going away. I'm someone that needs to be in a relationship but the thought of it being anyone but her (or her, for that matter) makes me want to break down. I really hate this.

oblivious 06-08-13 10:53 PM

Sleepy, I know that times are tough and I know that you are trying to do your best not to think or talk about this person. I know that as a human you develope emotions and become attracted to said person. Because of those emotions you become sad when something happens between you and said person. But thats just how the human body is... Honestly I'm not sure why we're like this honestly it's fucking stupid but you have to stay strong like you're doing right now because the people on this site, such as yourself, are some of the strongest people in the world.
Hang in there, -Oblivious.

rememberthegirl 06-11-13 02:21 AM

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Sleepy, I'm sorry to hear that this person still upsets you so much. I'm sorry that I cannot provide any solid advice, because it seems as though you have done the right steps and tried to cut them out of your life. But I can tell you that I understand what it feels like...I have been where you are.

Sometimes people enter our lives and then leave seemingly just to torture us. It feels as though we can't live with them, but we also can't live without them. Then their memory lingers long after they are gone; they are still torturing us daily even though they don't know it. And would they even care if they did? Who knows. I don't know how to forget...I wish that I did. But I do hope that you can find a way to move on. Stay strong :hug:

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