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dea 04-01-07 02:49 PM

A mate for Admin
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i found this photo on a lonely dolphin website. her credentials are as follows.

hi. my name is Toona. im 6 years old and never had a mate. im very shy. but i love getting to know new dolphins and my ambition is to one day run a dating website just for dolphins. give me a nudge..

Mousey 04-01-07 02:55 PM

Oh, oh she is fabulous!!! She's sporting the newest piece of "swimwear" I see. How lovely.

I think our Dolphy will be very pleased. Good job Dea.

I'm going to bake some more cookies with Swedish fishies for them to enjoy on a nice romantic evening....

dea 04-01-07 02:59 PM

i do so hope they like each other. it would be another TTL romance . :BIGkissy:

dea 04-01-07 03:08 PM

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heres a better picture

Mousey 04-01-07 03:18 PM

Oh how spectacular Dea! I can just see them swimming together, fin-in-fin. How adorable.

Do you think we'll get a wedding invitation?

dea 04-01-07 03:21 PM

can you just imagine a dolphin wedding? i'd have to buy a new cossie for the occasion. we'll have to come up with an appropriate theme song for them... to dance to.

Mousey 04-01-07 03:33 PM

What's a cossie??

I hope it's a summer wedding when the water is warm. They can't wear rings though, what can they wear to symbolize their eternal love?

Umm, Dea. Hold on. What if Admin and Toona don't hit it off? Oh how silly of me. Of course they will.

Ok, let's continue the wedding plans! I don't think rice would be good for them, will it? What can we throw before they take their private journey to the reception hall?

dea 04-01-07 03:36 PM

a cossie? a swim costume or bikini. the rings would have to be swimming aids around thier middles. and to throw? sardines of course.

silent cry 04-01-07 03:38 PM

oh she is just beautiful... i can see it now.. its gonna b love at first site!

and she's in her underwear as well... admin u lucky boy!!!

dea 04-01-07 03:40 PM

silly silent... its her bikini. :oops:

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