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03-30-07 09:11 PM

what has you feeling this way we all want to know so we can offer you the best advice posible

dreamer 03-30-07 09:30 PM

what's going on in your life that's making you want to die? you sound really depressed. i'm sorry you're feeling so bad, but please don't kill yourself. talk to us instead...or call a therapist, or doctor, or anyone....just don't give up, ok?

Trampled And Forgotten 03-30-07 09:32 PM

I just have no good reason to live any more it's time I left I can't see any purpose to my life

tiggrr 03-30-07 09:54 PM

I'm sure you have some reasons. Think about it. Why would you have no reason? Why do you feel like this?

forever hurting 03-30-07 09:57 PM

hey i dont know what to say to u but i know what ur going threw i know how u feel ive been feeling this way for awhile i just want u to know that im here for u if u need to talk. know that ur not alone.

Trampled And Forgotten 03-30-07 10:02 PM

my dad commit suicide infront of me a month and a half ago i just can't get the memory out of my mind and I just can't take it any more i give up

tiggrr 03-30-07 10:10 PM

Ah, wow, I'm so sorry, that's really rough and then to witness it too. Very sorry. Are you in any counseling, do you have some proffesional help?

Trampled And Forgotten 03-31-07 01:56 AM

no I don't see a counselor Ma can't afford it look life is just too heavy I can't do this any more

DieingOnTheInside 03-31-07 05:57 AM

school counselor???

Trampled And Forgotten 03-31-07 01:14 PM

she and i are sketchy I dislike her and she dislikes me so i don't go see her

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