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03-29-07 12:20 AM

He hits me and pushes me around and calls me names and when I try to end the relationship he claims he'll kill himself if I do just recently today when he thought I was cheating he came over and started pushing me around screaming in my face that he wanted to know who "he" was when there was no other dude he left me in tears and I am so scared to dump him I am shaking right now I'm so shaken up what do I do

03-29-07 12:27 AM

First of all he can go to jail for that tell the cops they WILL help that's all the advice I can give

Zetsumei 03-29-07 11:40 AM

Get a restraining order and dump him. A boyfriend should NEVER EVER do that to their girlfriend. You are not responsible for what he does. When you get the restraining order tell them about his mental state, they might be able to help. If he does anything, though, you are not responsible he made that choice. He needs help but not from you, not with you paying the price like that. Take care of yourself.

03-29-07 02:12 PM

I'm scared

jstreba1 03-29-07 06:12 PM

sweet heart u need to get away from him and if going to the cops is the only way then u need to do it no matter how scary it is. go with a friend if u want to. just please get out

03-29-07 08:15 PM

I agree the cops WILL help you and a friend = power and protection

03-30-07 10:33 AM

I'm gonna do it I am going to the police station today pray for me cause I'm scared out of my mind

DiaryOfADeadRockStar 03-30-07 01:26 PM

Pray. dude I'm gonna light candles and meditate for you

03-30-07 01:28 PM

My heart and my prayers will go with you this day we r all proud of your desicion

03-30-07 04:07 PM

I did it I told the cops and now I have to go to court this is really traumatic considering my life right now

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