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03-28-07 09:09 PM

death looks so good right now
I can't take my life it just hurts too much to bear I give up

03-28-07 09:12 PM

you really don't have to do this you came here thus showing that something in you wants to live so let it you are worth it to those around you and to us you are a part of our family now so please don't hurt yourself

03-28-07 09:22 PM

I just can't do this anymore

Strawbean 03-28-07 09:31 PM

why? what's going on, BUAB?

03-28-07 09:35 PM

EVERYTHING IS WRONG, my mom disappeared a month ago my dad started drinking soon after that, my two best friends died in a car accident two weeks ago my boyfriend hits me and is a controll freak and my Grandma called me a whore

Strawbean 03-28-07 09:52 PM

wow, that's quite a list, BUAB.
I'm sorry to hear that your world is so crazy right now...

03-28-07 09:57 PM

just calm down and think sleep an hour then take two bubble baths in a row and PM somebody it will help

03-29-07 01:12 AM

I just want to die my bf came over and he wasn't happy he accused me of cheating and he pushed me around and called me hurtful things and I am scared to dump him

Daniel86 03-29-07 02:05 AM

dump his bitch ass.. hell i wanna kill myself toooooo. i hope to die soon do sucides go to hell?

03-29-07 02:18 AM

Daniel86 u need to calm down and Bent I would agree but your post in abuse has me at a crossroads so I will say what I said there tell the police

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