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beautifullysuicidal2007 02-28-07 03:28 PM

Amy's Baby
This is another real diary. Its written by a girl named Amy who at four-teen is in an abusive relationship with a guy who's six-teen. He beats her, rapes her and yells at her all the time. She eventually becomes pregnant with his kid and he denies it and says that if she tries to get him to pay for anything he'll tell everyone she slept around and ruin her reputation. I'm not going to ruin the ending of this book either.

boulevard-traveler 02-28-07 04:35 PM

i've read it...it's really sad...

beautifullysuicidal2007 02-28-07 04:37 PM

It is sad isn't it? I read it twice and almost cried both times

boulevard-traveler 02-28-07 04:48 PM

i know...i had to put it down a couple of times because it's so sad...

beautifullysuicidal2007 02-28-07 04:50 PM

I couldn't put it down!! It made me think of my nephew Eric who does or has done just about every illeagle and a few leagel drugs out there and I don't want him to end up the same way

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