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Rikusho 02-27-07 06:12 PM

I understand. It is horrible but you know as long as deep down in your heart you know that this sort of action is not part of your nature then there is always hope. If that wasn't the case then yeah I would totally consider myself a lost cause.

It's good that you have been able to brake free from this downward cycle.

By the way, what anime have you seen?

Zetsumei 02-27-07 06:38 PM

I have not finished any of these:
Fruits basket, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy bebop
I have finished:
Hellsing the show and both OVAs.
Big O

All of those are pretty clean.. fruits baskets has naked guys with clouds in front of them and cowboy bebop might have a bad scene I dont remember and Bleach has one of the characters going naked a lot without showing a lot, a lot. D: other then that they are pretty clean. So I would go ahead an watch em. What about you?

Rikusho 02-27-07 06:52 PM

Ah cool. I've seen: Outlaw star, DBZ, Escaflowne, Gundam Seed, Chobits, Hacksign, Hellsing.

What do you think of Hellsing? It's good isn't it?

Lol, that made me laugh when you described fruit basket having naked guys with clouds infront of them. Hehe

Zetsumei 02-27-07 06:59 PM

I love Hellsing, I actually have the manga (all of it that i know of), just havent read it. I have both the Ovas and have seen the tv series twice. Alucard is so kick-ass and the opening theme for the tv series aint bad either.

To focus on your issue.. another thing that has helped me a TON was God.. I am Christian, I dont know if you have a faith or not and I am not telling you to get one if you dont have one just to kick this just... it does help having Jesus there to help you.

Rikusho 02-27-07 07:12 PM

Yeah, Alucard is cool. I like his glassses and his eyes are cool as well. If I was a vampire then I would be like that >_>

Hmm, I see. Well I don't actually follow any religion but I do believe in god I guess. The thing that keeps me going is hope and my belief in my own self. Also people like yourself help alot as well.

Rikusho 07-05-07 10:49 AM


Well unfortunately I was unable to get help. I had one session at the hospital back in March but that was it. I had to move out about a week or soo later due to financial reasons, so I was unable to continue getting help. So since march i've done next to nothing. I thought I could go it alone and deal with this some how but it was futile. I couldn't and now that i'm back at my home town as well as having a few trauma's in my mind, I've now decided to fight it again. So i've made an appointment for tomorrow to see the doctor's and get help. The reason I was not able to do this earlier was cuz I've been looking for work. Now that i've got a job and things have settled down in that sense, I can concentrate on getting well again.

Mousey 07-05-07 12:16 PM

That's excellent Riku....I wish you the best of luck! :)

Rikusho 07-05-07 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Mousey
That's excellent Riku....I wish you the best of luck! :)

Thank you very much. Today was the last straw, I realized that I keep on saying that next time i'll sort it out or one more time won't hurt but today something happened to me. I realized that i've got my whole life ahead of me and that i've got to fight it now cuz the next thing you know, life will fly by and i'll be old and regretting ever doing something about it. Anyways thank you to everyone on this forum, you guys are part of the reason for which I've been inspired.

I'll keep updating when there's been some proper progress.

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