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dragontears 02-20-07 09:01 AM

Brave New World
a classic, easy read
brilliant commentary on how the world is going to hell in a handbasket......cept it was written decades ago.........prophetic.......

tiggrr 02-20-07 10:22 PM

Yep, I love that one. I'd rather be the savage. I'd say were pretty much there now. IT's almost illegal to be unhappy. If you are they stuff you full of pills, fire you from your job, push you out of the world and put you somewhere. Well, you can see I'm in a great mood.

Strawbean 02-20-07 11:14 PM

Agreed. Excellent book. Loved it.

penismightier 02-21-07 12:18 AM

Ditto. I preferred 1984, myself, if we're discussing that kind of book, but BNW is well up there on great books I've read. I'd be interested to read Aldous Huxley's paper on his journey inside a wrinkle in his pants that he wrote while on mescaline.

dragontears 02-21-07 10:25 PM

i've heard of that! i'd love to read that

Juno 09-06-15 08:29 PM

I loathed Brave New World. Just something about the style and the prose itself, I had a miserable time reading it and I should have given up on it instead of struggling to finish it.

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