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mustang 12-31-12 04:15 AM

Borderline Personality Disorder
Does anybody suffer from this? I could really do with talking to somebody in the same boat, so please reply. :hug:

Ultraviolet 12-31-12 12:04 PM

Have you been diagnosed if I may ask? What are your symptoms? Because I'm definitely depressed but I'm sure I have something like bpd but never tried to have it diagnosed on top of everything else.

darkestlight 12-31-12 12:09 PM

i've been diagnosed with major depression.. but i've expressed symptoms of bipolar and BPD as well.


Turmoil 04-03-14 06:39 AM

Hello, everyone.

Bottomline is that, after reading through a few sources, Personality Disorders have no definite accurate scale on which to measure or compare. Take BPD and Bipolar for an example. It was once thought that BPD was Bipolar but psychologists found that BPD does not have the up and down episodes of Bipolar. BPD's up and down can be influenced by immediate changes whereas Bipolar does not. Schizophrenic can also be confused with BPD because, in my opinion, both are confused with their choices and "communicate" with themself... I'm not really sure.

Anastassia Florine 09-20-14 11:54 AM

To add to what turmoil said... It should be called Borderline Personality Disorders, not Disorder. As someone might have one BPD (as in one set of symptoms) and another another.

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