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Xerxes 12-21-12 01:21 AM

Cold Christmas ???
Just wondering what it's like to have a cold Christmas, like with snow. What do you do, what's it like?

Where I'm from Christmas has always been fairly warm/hot, like good weather for going to the beach, never been to the snow...

Quiet1 12-21-12 01:49 AM

As a person who dislikes the cold, not so well. As a kid, I used to have snowball fights. Now, there's no reason for me to like snow.

Xerxes 12-22-12 10:21 PM

I've always seen people on tv making snowmen and throwing snowballs, always looked like a lot of fun, I should go to the snow just to try it out one day.

Coldest temp I've been in was only a few degrees under zero c, for f I don't now what that is but it's just under freezing.

Do the streets have to have the snow scraped off like on tv? Does it happen a lot or not so much? Has anyone ever been snowed in?
Just curious

pixystyx 12-22-12 10:34 PM

yeah, they plow the streets, and put salt down on them to melt the ice.. :) and we've had snowstorms where you really couldn't go anywhere for a day or 2..

Dave86 12-22-12 11:55 PM

When I was very little I was near the beach but my parents moved us here to the city of ice. It was a shock to be shure . Snow can be fun when you are little. Sleds, snowmen but it sucks when you are an adult. Be thankful you don't have a white Christmas. Driving is like a video game. It is not fun trust me.

Xerxes 12-23-12 12:03 AM

Interesting, I never knew they put down salt to melt the ice


Originally Posted by Dave86 (Post 897742)
Be thankful you don't have a white Christmas. Driving is like a video game. It is not fun trust me.

lol, I'm learning to drive and find it hard enough without the snow :biggrin:

Dave86 12-23-12 12:09 AM

Be thankful you don't have to drive in snow my friend. Having said that it is pretty cool the first time you experience it. There is just no way to describe it. It can be beautiful and awe inspiring the first time you see it.

Mousey 12-24-12 02:11 PM

Awww why doesn't anyone like the snow? Yeah driving and walking can be tricky, but it's so pretty! I love standing outside and catching snowflakes in my mouth. :biggrin: But I'll admit, a month or so into the snow season I'm ready for Spring.

I would love to go to the beach and bbq on xmas day. Does Santa still visit the malls wearing his heavy warm suit in Australia? Or is he in his bathing suit...?? hahaha....

Xerxes 12-25-12 05:53 AM

That would be so cool if he wore bathers at the shops! But I guess the parents would feel funny letting their kids sit on his lap.

I wanted to go to the snow so badly as a kid, I used to pretend sand was snow so I'd try to make sandmen (not very successfully) and my friends and I would throw sandballs at each other like kids at the snow do with snowballs. Problem was it always went in someone's eye and was a real bitch to get out.

TooMuch 12-25-12 06:16 AM

Well, It's cold here and I am having a White Christmas. I had to shovel the snow yesterday on my sidewalk. I might get a fine here if I don't shovel.
It's cold today too, I don't want to go outside really.

It's -26 celsius or -14 farenheit. So I'm staying inside. But yeah, snow is neat to have sometimes and I especially like it at Chistmas. I hate the driving though and it can get scary because the roads are slippery and some people still drive with no care. I'm going to put down salt on the sidewalks this week to melt the snow. Currently have the garbage on the step because it's frozen and won't smell up the house. I should shovel the snow today but it's so cold out, wait and see.

I don't mind the snow so much as the cold. It's the cold that makes me hate winter. It's too cold here sometimes. I want to get away from the cold.

A couple of weeks ago I tried to clean the snow off the roof too. This is the first year I've tried that. I actually didn't get on the roof but I got a broom and brushed off about 5 feet from the bottom. I don't want icicycles over my door. Yeah, snow can be neat.

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