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allhopeisgone 12-18-12 01:42 PM

I'm Broken - Pantera
I fucking love this song... such raw emotion :D

Pantera - I'm Broken (Video) - YouTube

NoOneNoWhere 01-09-13 09:07 PM

Pantera, huh?
I love Pantera. Amazing band.
"Allhopeisgone" ~ referral to Slipknot?

allhopeisgone 01-13-13 09:31 PM

Yeah... i have always have known about them and knew a few songs but recently i have got really into them... they are such an amazing band! It's a shame i never got chance to see them when they were around!!

And yep... 'allhopeisgone' is a referral to Slipknot. I am impressed, you know your music :)

NoOneNoWhere 01-22-13 10:47 AM

They are a brilliant band, Pantera. Love a lot of their songs.

Slipknot ~ love those too.
Impressed I found someone who likes the same music ^-^

allhopeisgone 01-22-13 02:12 PM

Uh huh, totally agree! My favourite of theirs has to be 5 minutes alone :) Fucking awesome! Have you heard his other band... Down? They are pretty damn good too, you should totally give them a listen if you get chance.

As for Slipknot... they are one of my fav bands ever... can't wait to see them again this year :D

Hahaha, yeah it's cool that you like the same music :) Any gigs lined up?

NoOneNoWhere 01-23-13 12:10 PM

Hole In The Sky is one of my favourites from Pantera c:

I take it you're seeing them at Download? Hopefully I'm gonna be there too, so I'll be watching c: saw them at Sonisphere 2011. Was beautiful.

The only gigs I have lined up are in the summer :c
I'm seeing a band called SOiL, and obviously Download, and if any gigs/shows pop up I'll be there too c:

How about you?

allhopeisgone 01-23-13 06:21 PM

Yay... awesome :D

Yep i will be at Download... got my ticket a while ago now, i can't wait. I saw them at Sonisphere too... they were truly amazing. Seriously one of the best live acts i have seen.

I saw Soil last year in December for the second time and they were brilliant... i love the song 'Unreal' I got to high five Ryan McCombs too :P :P

I haven't got much lined up as of yet... Download is the main one so far but i am going to see The Bronx next month, that should be good :) but as you say if any more pop up i will be there :D

NoOneNoWhere 01-23-13 06:29 PM

I saw them in December last year too!

The band are friends with a relative of mine, so I hung out with them! I love them so much. I was at the Electric Ballroom and then stayed on tour with them one more night and we went to Brighton! I spent like the entire after party with Ryan, and he ran across the room to dance with me and copied me because I was so shy! I have lyrics from "Unreal" tattooed on my arms..

Wow. You're the only other person I've met who knows who they are!

allhopeisgone 01-23-13 06:41 PM

That is really freaky and such a weird coincidence!!!! I'm talking about the song... haha. Not many of my friends like the same music as me so it is kind of cool to talk to someone who has decent taste :P
Wow... that is sooo cool. I'm slightly jealous but proper pleased for you that you got to hang with them and that he was nice to you etc. :D
I saw them in Manchester :) What did you think of Fozzy and Breed 77?

NoOneNoWhere 01-23-13 06:45 PM

Fozzy and Breed 77 weren't too bad.

Chris Jericho spoke to me and I had no idea who he was. I had to ask my step mother who it was. Then when he spoke to me the next day, he had taken his sunglasses off so I didn't know who he was again. The guitarist from Fozzy is friends with my step mother, and he gave me his guitar pick. Also have the guitar pick that Tim King used on stage in London. He ran off stage to pat me on the head, cuz I was standing right on the side. The guitarist with Chris Jericho is a nice guy, he laughs a lot.

Wow, I'm genuinely amazed I found someone who likes the same music as I do lmfao. That's so weird.

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