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flashmobsrcool 10-23-12 01:41 PM

Skin scratching/picking/touching struggle - any tips?

I am pretty new to this forum and not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have this issue where I scratch/pick at skin.

At first it'll be an involuntary touch, which eventually gets itchy and requires me to scratch hardcore. Additionally, it makes sleeping a biatch, because I cannot control scratching during my sleep and sometimes wake up feeling really sore in odd places. This screws me up so much, because it gets me depressed about life, leading to me not going to the gym/studying/meeting my commitments, and results in a vicious cycle of resultant skin scratching. I actually think almost all of the things I am unhappy about in my life stem from the effects of skin scratching/picking/touching.

After even a day or two of this, it gets to such a bad point, that I have to go through a "purging" process (clean my room environment, cut hand-nails, apply undiluted apple cider vinegar over scalp and all scratched places, then shower, then apply super soothing lotion) and slowly build my resistance to scratching or touching my skin. However, I seem to always relapse back into scratching, especially in stressful situations (i.e. work, exam study, struggling to meet deadlines).

Skin scratching (especially during sleep) makes social life much harder, as I find it difficult to attend planned social events, if for instance I were really excited about a certain event and then wake up on the day with inflamed skin on my forehead from skin scratching. It can also lead to continually shifting levels of confidence throughout the week, which makes a full-time job a night-mare, as I constantly have the slight fear that one day I will wake up and have to go to work with a clearly visible sign that I have this skin affliction.

Really wanted to know if anyone shares this issue AND/OR knows a way to overcome this. I have kind of worked out that bad habits like sleeping later than 12pm, sitting inactive at the laptop/tv all day or periods of nothing but multiple masturbation seem to coincide with the skin picking, but this knowledge hasn't been able to help me cut this habit from my life. I have learnt to shy away from examining any skin in the bathroom for too long, as I worry it will lead to more skin picking.

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