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freddoevi 10-03-12 11:23 PM

I can not dream anymore in years!
When I started to control my dreams, I could never dream again...
I miss even the nightmares!
Does anyone have any idea what could have happened?
And what can I do to dream again?

Blue Girl 10-04-12 02:19 AM

i'm sorry, that doesn't sound good. how did u do dream control?

freddoevi 10-04-12 07:23 AM

I do not know ...
First of all, I think it started when I realized I was dreaming.
After a while, every time I dream, I knew I was dreaming.
Sometimes I wake up in the moment that I realized that I was dreaming because I was thinking that this could not be real.
So, as I knew I was dreaming, I thought, "why not do it my way?"
Did I abused the technique? Maybe.

Blue Girl 10-04-12 02:06 PM

huh, lots of people would love to be able to do that, but it must really suck when u can't stop doing it. :( does it make u feel totally unrested? did it seem to happen when u got depressed, or did the bad sleep come first?

freddoevi 10-04-12 02:44 PM

"does it make u feel totally unrested?"
It depends on the stress I had in the dream. I remember when the dream was very tense, I woke up. But when the dream was good, so it was very relaxing.

"did it seem to happen when u got depressed, or did the bad sleep come first?"
I do not know ...
Might not have connection.
It's been so long I can not remember.
But I do not think so, because I had fun with it too often.

I miss to be able to dream again...

Anastassia Florine 10-05-12 01:28 AM

Are you on meds? Yes, right? Did you stop dreaming when you started the meds?

I never remembered my dreams (well maybe about 10 times at most) in the 5 years I've been on psych meds. In that time, I was on 17 different psych meds (from 1 to 5 at a time).

freddoevi 10-05-12 08:26 AM

It may be just that.
I do not want a life full of drugs.
I'll look for alternatives today.
I want to dream again.

Anastassia Florine 10-05-12 09:26 AM

For depression, all positive stimulation is good... those unable to get enough of it, meds are sometimes the only option... I think this site tho is a pretty good resource for alternatives... tons of people telling their stories... I can only think of: exercise, socializing, watching a movie full of action, listening to happy stimulating dance music, eating something tasty, looking at bright cheery pictures, moving around (even taking the bus all round the city), getting something stimulating for your home, going to an event, window shopping... probly more.

freddoevi 10-05-12 10:23 AM


freddoevi 10-22-12 12:05 PM

something magical happened today.
I dreamed!

the dream started with me chatting with old friends on the Internet.
Then someone had the "brilliant" idea of calling my ex girlfriend to chat.
I sent her a happy face.
so I thought: why I sent a happy face, for someone who I wanted to "kill" a long time ago?
Then I began to see the letters falling on the chat ...
I could not read ...
then began to form a film on stopo-motion.
in ASCII art!
The film told the story of a newly married couple.
and in the end the woman kills the guy.
every time the woman killed the guy, the movie started again from the beginning.
but started again in a different ASCII art ...
I was wondering what that meant.
and then I woke up.
in a long time I did not dream.
so I went to the street to see the cars go by.
to think about the dream.
I would not get to sleep.
I was thinking about what could have triggered the dream.
I was thinking about something that I was talking to a friend just before I sleep.
I remembered that I had remembered that she had said that she can fix cars.
then I remembered that I still have the car that I tried to kill myself a while ago.
or at least what remained of it.
the car belonged to my ex girlfriend.
and I see every day that trash here at home.
I see the car facing me...
Then I started to remember how I started to hate people ...
and start to hate me.
weird no?

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