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GraveDigger 09-08-12 01:17 AM

I miss her
I miss her so bad. No matter how many i have or date or pretend to love nobody even comes close. The horror is overwhelming the terror is ever present i cant see living a life without love. Or more specifically , the one I love and want and threw away. My punishment is too much to bear.

XXC 09-08-12 05:16 PM

I'm sorry :hug:

It does get easier.

Don't really know what else to say, but I know the feeling and you aren't alone.

GraveDigger 09-08-12 05:50 PM

Am i insane? because I know what i want? because such a love did exist , a love that made life unworth living without it? this is what we all look for , and yet when its gone im expected to act like it was just someone to get over?

XXC 09-08-12 05:53 PM

Hell no you don't act that way.

It was, it happened. Maybe you will find it again, but chances are you won't.

And it sucks and it hurts and you'll cry over it. Maybe every time you find someone else. Because the someone else part just feels wrong.

But you learn to be thankful for it. Let yourself move forward from it. Learn from it. Be glad you experienced it.

Anastassia Florine 09-30-12 10:17 AM

Did you guys break up, or did she die? What did you do that was so wrong? I have sort of (tho tho operative word is "sort of") the same problem... I'm trying to get back the guy I threw away by saying I wanted to throw him away just so he might answer a simple question-- because everyone else pales in comparison.

This thread, though, if you keep posting in it about your partner, will become a support group where you still have your girl (talking about her) and love (from us)... I know it's a poor second-best but it's something... and your problems with her will be resolved, be it in this life or later.

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