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HidingTheTruth 09-03-12 03:06 PM

Six long years...
I didn't even realise, but I just looked at the date. I knew it was coming up, but I guess it crept up on me quicker than I expected. Today is 6 years since my great nan died. She was 93. And she was, quite simply amazing. I used to say, and i still believe it, that she was the best relative i had. She had great stories. She talked for england and never gave anyone chance to speak. About a year before she died she was doing the hula dance with the other old folk she lived with lol. She used to do everything. Being 93 didn't stop her. I used to think she would live to 100. I thought she would meet my kids. I guess I though she would live forever. But then she got cancer. And everything changed. When she died I was so angry. Angry at the world. Angry at everyone Ididnt like. Angry at the god she believed in. Just angry angry angry. I'm still angry with this 'god'. I still miss her. But Im glad i dont believe in an afterlife. Because if she could se me now she would be very disappointed...

fedup 09-03-12 03:12 PM

Your Nan sounds like she was a fun lady, and a good person in your life. I'm sorry you are missing her today :hug:

HidingTheTruth 09-05-12 05:10 PM

She really was amazing. Thankyou :hug: I'm going to visit her grave at the weekend, its been a few years since I've been now. Makes me feel bad when I realise that.

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