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LonelyCyborg 08-04-12 11:59 AM

Fuckin morons
Since I prefer to keep myself iscolated in real life, from majority of people and my worthless family. I have the need to vent out nowhere but here.

My so called 'family' are giving me a hard time to live, normally and even normally to be angry or react in any other emotion. In the previous years when I had my first and very important exams at school, along with getting bullied i was psychologically tortured by these wankers at home. They gave me a tough time without any purpose or any reason.

They used my weaknesses to make it at their advantage, and today i suffer from living in my day-to day life because i could not get into college and i am trying to build a structure of my 'own' life, so i could get away from them. Along with putting up a mental condition, which is clinical.

Whenever I lash out at them telling them that they got in my way before and i plead them to just stay away from my choices in these days to come. they end up manipulating the whole basics and say to me "You have no rights to blame anyone". Now how fuckin pisstaking is that? I hope they all die, they are not my family. After what i been through with them.

I feel mocked, the one sister i have in this family seems to show understanding to some extent, but even she has her own set of suffering going on. Therefore whenever she speaks to our father , she gets double-sided and gets too much of a 'peacemaker'. And then my dad assumes my anger is not so serious.

At times my douchey brothers get into a fight with my dad and I really hate to look at violence. i get so sensitive. Human body is vulnerable. I have been growing up where i have witnessed too much violence and injustified perspectives, in my family.

Before you reply to this thread... i do not want to see "They're your family, talk to them, get things sorted out " etc... because those are the very words they used against me, in order to gain fake respect.

celery 08-04-12 12:14 PM

Before I read your last paragraph, I was going to say this and will still say it!

I'm sorry, LC:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

I wouldn't have said the "they are your family" thing... I have lived with difficult people,including family and I tried and tried to understand what they wanted, so they could be happy with me and accept me...

Some people would never try another way...

I don't remember how old you are, but maybe when you do eventually leave home, you can be free from the stress:hug::hug:

versae 08-04-12 12:34 PM

its crazy isn't it... that family are mostly the ones that don't understand... the ones that don't support you when you need it...
you are not alone in that

LonelyCyborg 08-05-12 02:57 PM

17 and planning ahead to move out. Thanks Cel.

versae, it is, yes.


SensualGirl 08-06-12 02:27 PM

You remind me so much of me. I wish I were 17, I'm 19. You're ahead of the game.

How do you plan to make a living when you're a misanthrope (people-hater) who isolates herself? Have you considered relying on the government? What are your plans.

Thinking of you beautiful.:hug:

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