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Bex 07-27-12 12:55 PM

OCD about everything
I have serious OCD.
Not just about germs, I'm actually doing pretty well with limiting my hand sanitizer.

I get OCD over weight, calories, numbers, stomach issues, and change.
I get horrible panic attacks if
I'm over 125 pounds
I've eaten over 1800 calories in one day
I do something 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, or 14 times
My stomach hurts
I haven't pooped enough
I travel
I leave the house when I don't feel 100%
I stay inside all day

When I panic, I get this creepy look on my face where my eyes swell up, I have a half-smile, and my hand won't stop shaking.
My parents get furious at me
I cry a lot.

It's getting worse and worse and I don't know how to stop it.

sleepy 07-27-12 01:34 PM

How old are you? Have you ever seen anyone about this? Mentioned it to your parents? I'll be honest - I don't know a whole lot about OCD. Just that it compels you to carry out rituals which can interrupt your life and become very distressing and get you stuck. And that there's a lot to do with anxiety.

Make an appointment with a doctor asap. You'll probably need a combination of meds and therapy - you definitely need help though. Unless you learn to manage your anxiety and rituals things won't improve for you:(

Don't worry. Just explain all of these symptoms to your doctor and they should be able to pass you on to somewhere that can help you.

Bex 07-27-12 01:47 PM

I'm 14, and I've talked about this a little bit with my parents.
They won't let me see a doctor or therapist.
The most help they'll let me get is seeing the school counselor, and she doesn't know what to do with me.
I think it might be because they don't want to acknowledge that I have a problem, and by letting me get help, the problem becomes real.

I think they believe that it's going to go away on it's own.
I don't know how to convince them otherwise

sleepy 07-27-12 02:37 PM

You seem very perceptive. I think you're absolutely right. It's common. Parents want everything to go right for their child and don't see that they're hurting them by dealing with things in this way. Don't forget that they mean well. If they want to pretend you are fine, it's because they want you to be fine because they love you. They just aren't showing it very well because they're confused and worried.

This isn't your fault - it's theirs. But don't worry. Sometimes it just takes time. I suggest you confide in a teacher that you trust. Just say that you have OCD problems and your parents want to pretend everything's fine so it's not being dealt with. Your school counsellor could also be a safe bet but I get the feeling you have already mentioned this? What did they say?

You've done a good thing by coming on here. Keep posting here and people will try their best to help as best they can. But you really do need more help than just this. Can't you go to the doctor on your own? This is important and as you've acknowledge it won't go away on it's own. Pretending nothing's wrong will make things worse. I'm glad you have the initiative to come here and ask what to do and you're not being suckered into your parents' thinking. That's very bold of you, especially at such a young age - you should be proud of that. Most people your age wouldn't.

Perhaps if your school intervened your parents would come around. If not at first, eventually. Even if they begrudgingly took you to the doctors and were mean about it.. you'd still be going. It'd be progress. Something tells me you have the ability to, for a while, look past your parents' naivety and see it for what it is. Because you aren't 16 yet, getting them on your side is really important. Don't be ashamed to tell teachers. Are there any of them that you trust? That you feel are particularly compassionate?

Bex 07-27-12 02:50 PM

I've told one teacher before, and they insisted I see a therapist and that they could set me up with one if I'd like.
It seemed like the perfect solution, but unfortunately, that was during the last week of school, and my family and I are on vacation in the US for the summer, so it's going to be another month before I can continue to pursue that.
Right now I'm looking for some temporary solutions for dealing with the attacks over the summer, since they're worse because of the change in environment.
Hopefully in a month I'll be able to talk to that teacher again and she can help me.

Thank you for listening to me, it means a lot.

sleepy 07-27-12 03:59 PM

Glad to help ;) I know what it's like to be young and troubled. Frankly, it's unfair that people just point and laugh like it's okay because teenagers are stupid so let's laugh! I think people are quick to forget that being young is really hard, especially when you have mental health issues. Just don't feel all alone. You're really, really not.

But yeah... being on holiday is a problem. Won't last forever though. Kudos for looking for another solution though. I wish I was as practical as you when I was your age! Honestly jealous. I'm only 22 by the way so don't feel like I'm being too patronising:P

Have you done any research into OCD? That's probably your best bet - searching for coping mechanisms. Continue to post here, of course but I don't think OCD specifically gets much attention - it takes very expert knowledge to deal with. So, whilst people like me can understand the overall difficulty of your situation, I can't tell you everything you need to know:( But.. it does help just to be listened to sometimes.

I'm really pleased at how you're handling this:) It's really pretty admirable. It may be rough, I won't lie... what with the parent issue and everything.. but don't worry. Something tells me you'll be just fine. I suffer from a condition called OCPD (it's very different to OCD, hehe:P) and have really bad mood swings and depressive episodes and none of my family know anything. Of course it's easier for me now because I'm 22 and can do what I like and have my own life so it's easy to hide.. but I couldn't do that when I was in my teens. It was tough but now it's okay. Don't forget that, just because you'll have rough spells, it doesn't mean the end. You seem pretty on the ball to me:) You'll find ways to cope with help. I have known people with similar problems who get by with their problems just fine. Hang in there:)

SensualGirl 08-02-12 06:33 AM

I'm so shocked and saddened that your parents would be furious with you. Well you should definitely tell them you have OCD and have them take you to a specialist immediately, a psychologist.

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