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kipper 07-16-12 09:21 AM

Complicated grief
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about complicated grief and the connection with suicidal ideation. I'm asking due to personal bereavement and loss. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


PrairieDawn 07-18-12 11:41 AM

Sorry Kipper, I haven't heard of this. Can you explain a little? (You don't have to). I'm very sorry you are going through this :hug:

hottea654 07-18-12 11:58 PM

Complicated grief does not always but can include thoughts of suicide. The basic premise of complicated grief does not appear to include suicide when you read about it online. However, if you look more deeply into it or if you are someone with a prior history of anxiety, depression, or other conditions similar, from what I am reading it could very well lead to a suicidal ideation. Are you experiencing this for yourself? There are studies that are being done with people suffering from complicated grief, as well as therapy groups. If you or someone you know is struggling with this, have you considered a therapy or treatment approach?

kipper 07-19-12 09:22 PM

Thanks for the replies. I have recently purchased "complicated grief" a scientific foundations for health care professionals. Hopefully this will shed some light on it all.
Thank you again


hottea654 07-19-12 11:49 PM

Best of luck with it. It sounds like a good investment if it helps you understand and work with your needs better.

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