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Lannahbear1029 05-28-12 03:32 AM

What are some good movies?
I really would like to know some good dramas?

PrairieDawn 05-28-12 04:23 PM

I'm not really a drama person, but I do love The Miracle Worker with Anne Banecroft and Patty Duke. I liked Gone With the Wind, but it's so long!!! The Fugitive is a really good suspense one.

giveup 05-28-12 09:08 PM

Im watching Veronica Mars now. Recent tv series watched tht are nice are : Chase, Glee, Castle, The Mentalist, Lie to Me. These movies are keeping busy at the moment. After work I could go home n relax to a nice cup of coffee watching these movies.

Terato 07-11-12 11:58 PM

Depends on what you want to watch.... Right now I'm obsessed with Se7en and There Will Be Blood. Neither are exactly light comedies though; they're both pretty dark.

Ronja 02-07-13 10:24 AM

I highly recommend the movie "Shrink" with Kevin Spacey, its a good one!

Sir Benet Exxul 02-09-13 05:40 AM

House Of D

Nothingness 02-11-13 03:44 PM

I find Donnie Darko and the Butterfly Effect (director's cut!) good slightly depressing movies. I don't know if it fits your definition of drama, though. But you've probably heard of them, so you will probably know.

js58 08-03-13 10:33 PM

What kind of dramas do you like?

At the moment I really enjoy watching Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The Master, Capote and Synecdoche, New York are my favourites.

TiggyBoo 08-23-13 10:55 PM

I don't think you could go wrong with, Titanic and Silence Of The Lambs.

emily is broken 11-26-13 04:55 PM

totally depends what you're in too.

if i feel like a good cry, " now is good" is a good movie. about a girl with lukemia trying to organize her life

if i fancy commedy, then i watch big daddy, or paul. both awsome films

i also like family movies such as we baught a zoo. something with a little of everything

SoundsOfSilence 07-16-15 10:48 PM

I realize this is an old thread, but I have to add my vote for Melancholia by Lars von Trier. I'm a veteran depressed-movie-fanatic, and even for me Melancholia was a pleasant surprise.

Word to the wise though: this movie is part of a trilogy, the second one to be exact. The first one, entitled "Antichrist", was too much for me to take on. Only watch that one after you've done your research. Lars v. T. is a seriously deranged dude.

emily is broken 08-13-15 05:57 AM

i just watched (fairly recently anyway) the fault in our stars. it's not all bad- the storyline is about 2 people that fall in love at a cancer support group, but it tries to focus on the positive side of the relasionship as well as the neggatives.

iNdulge 08-18-15 11:32 PM

I've been watching a lot of free youtube movies as of late;

The Departed - Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, &

The Next Three Days - Russell Crowe

Before I go to sleep - Nicole Kidman

Flight Plan - Jodie Foster

Noel - Paul Walker & Penelope Cruz

Before We Go - Chris Evans (um yum) :rolleyes:

Double Jeopardy - Tommy Lee Jones & Ashley Judd

Changeling - Angelina Jolie

& many more. I like these & the actors, sometimes

iNdulge 08-29-15 07:57 AM

I just re read the sub forum & saw that, it was what movies do you watch when you're sad. I don't. I don't like to watch movies when I am emotional. It makes it worse.

So sorry, I posted the above in the wrong category. Those are just movies I like to watch.

StitchWitch 09-08-15 10:03 PM

Favorite Depression-based films (I keep them on repeat when I'm feeling low):
-The Hours (because VIRGINIA WOOLF.)
-Prozac Nation (I have a thing for Christina Ricci; also, so many of the things she did in this film really hit home. I need to pick up Elizabeth Wurtzel's book)
-Girl Interrupted (Ditto for Winona Ryder/Angelina Jolie, and the same goes for some of Suzanna's behavior)

-Joy Luck Club
-The Professional (okay, so there's some action, but still...)
-The Crow (The Violins. 'Nuff Said)
-Silver Linings Playbook
-Mad Men (Not that it's 100% historically accurate, but man that era was pretty big on covering up any signs of weakness. Sometimes I still feel like we live this way despite our advances)
-Mommie Dearest

Okay, I'm noticing a pattern here, so I'll just stop. Maybe one or a few of these will interest someone?

StillLife 01-15-16 09:23 PM

I watched Crumb today and I loved it!

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