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dreamer 01-08-07 01:06 PM

so......exercise. what do you guys think about this one?
for me, the times ive been the most happy (not necessarily the most stable) have been during times where ive gotten good exercise on a regular basis. i used to be a dancer and on the swim team, and i was very physically fit. i was much less depressed during that time.
i think exercise plays a huge role in mood, particularly in warding off depression. i would like to exercise more but i just havent made the time. its hard when youve got kids and other stuff, or maybe im just making excuses because im lazy. :wink:
if any of you would like to share your experiences with how exercise has influenced your mood, please feel free to do so here!
thank you! :D

silent cry 01-08-07 01:14 PM

i used to b a dancer too, i always danced.. and i was always happy wen i danced... dancing was like a therapy i spend as much time as poss dancing.. thats one reason why i want to get back into it. i miss it, plus it was always fun.

also wen i felt crap i used to go to the gym aswel sometimes.. have a good workout.. it makes you feel so good.

i remember once i went along to an aerobics class.. it was non-stop for an hour and a half.. was hard work, but afterwards i cant tell you how good i felt.. i felt so refreshed and full of energy and my mind was focused etc.

so exercise is something i would definately recommend

irishred 01-09-07 04:01 AM

Exercise saved my life - truly. After my son died, I released my pain through walking every evening - not for exercise, but for peace of mind. My walks grew longer and longer and my brain aired itself out. I found peace in the little things along the way and my heart began to open again.

Years later, same story, different death, same remedy.

2 years ago, depressed over my life situation, I joined a gym. Within 3 months I felt renewed; within 6, I was a new person - actually the old one revivved. I will never go without exercise again.

That's my story - and I'm sticking to it forever.

Aries 01-09-07 09:52 AM

My exercise use to be, working/riding horses. I just felt so free, when I was galloping, the wind blowing through my hair, & just the feeling of being "untouchable." I used that all the time, to help me. Now, I'm not able to; haven't been for a long time, but I WILL get back to that again!

Jupiter 01-24-07 05:56 PM

I keep thinking of going back to exercising again.....I was an athlete my whole life,...this is the longest I have ever gone without any type of exercise,..it is foreign to me,...to not exercise,...it was always such a big part of my life,...until,...I started living on my own again,...actually when I got so depressed........maybe that is part of my problem,....my body and my mind are not used to living like this,...without exercise.....
It has been a thought lately,...They have an exclusive health club where I work,..state of the art..plus 3 swimming pools...,...I get a break on the price since I am an employee,...and it is right in the same building where I work.....I don't even have to go out of my way.....
I will start to think about this......Maybe it will help me?????

dreamer 01-24-07 06:19 PM

you go jupiter!!! i bet it will help you a lot!!!
i have so many plans for classes i want to take:
1) middle eastern (belly) dance
2) swimming
3) archery
4) skydiving (that one's going to wait a few years for sure)
5) long-distance horseback riding/camping
i love exercise!!! gotta get those endorphins going!!!! :D

penismightier 01-24-07 09:06 PM

Exercise is a proven mood stabiliser. I'm not sure exactly what happens, but it changes how the chemicals in our brains work.

I haven't exercised lately, which is a real shame. I miss it. I used to own a Taekwon-Do school, so I literally used to exercise for a living.

irishred 01-24-07 09:52 PM

That is cool, pen! How could you ever leave working out after that? Never mind...I know the answer. Happens to all of us.

penismightier 01-26-07 07:29 AM

I just let go of the school after some big issues. Running it was a huge part of my depression. It was a professional school, not just some little rinky-dink hobby club, and it caused me a lot of stress. Not being there and not having those physical activities to do, I just find other things to occupy my time and unfortunately I just don't really have the drive to exercise right now. I still try to force myself to do it sometimes, though.

Cuetip 02-11-07 05:43 PM

Yep. Would recommend exercise to anyone. Hardest thing is making that 1st move to get it in your life.

I used to exercise, going to gym every 2nd day. Was so healthy. I slept good. I ate good, put on a bit more weight, but it was healthy weight that i needed. Was muscle tone weight and not fat. Plus i felt good and my mind was focused.

My excuse to stopping is I aggravated an old neck injury that i been stuck with from my 1st car crash, so due to the neck and nerve pain I had to pack in for a bit. But once i jumped off that saddle i never made the effort to get back on. That's the problem isn't it? Staying on the saddle is a lot better than jumping off and on again.

I must try and start again. Gonna start by making a good effort to go out for a long walk on each day off. ( won't do it each day as its dark when i finish work and i don't trust this town enough to go walking at night)

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