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cactus 03-17-12 09:40 AM

Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
You may have seen this already. This was an editorial published in the newspaper by someone who worked for the company and made 500K to 750K a year but left because of a lack of ethics. You can search for it (the original is from the NY Times) - I don't want to post a link, because if you click on it the article's web site will know of its referrer (eg. this page). Hopefully this page won't come anywhere near the top of results in the search engine lol.

Anyway why am I posting this? Not so much about this specific company or situation but because of the general principle of thinking about ethics. Because it reminds me of some of the things I've said. I believe I once posted something along the lines of being reluctant to work in the insurance industry and someone replied "cactus, I think even you know this has nothing to do with being an actuary" or along these lines. And I can see how an outsider who doesn't get it may think I'm not making sense. But I hope this article vindicates some of the things I've said - things that made people think I'm illogical, delusional, paranoid, etc. I'm showing that maybe I'm maybe not so crazy after all. And I have other examples, but people are going to say I'm posting too many stupid quotes so I won't go there.

Because it also reminds me happening to stumble upon (and no that's not a 2-word proper noun, I don't even use the more obscure social networks lol) another article about a company I used to work for. I was quite surprised to see that company in the news, though I heard it was growing fast after I left (that is, they didn't want me back after I worked as a student). I'll leave it at that.

And because the author of the article that resigned from his job reminds me of myself. No, not my present myself, and I most likely have never been qualified enough to have a chance of getting that type of job. But in another parallel universe, I could have been in his shoes. If I had done things a little differently and with better luck I could be in a stable, good paying office job right now - and I could have been facing the same dilemna. This guy did something that I could have done. Most people will say, "he committed career suicide and gave up millions in earnings. What an idiot." Well I suppose I committed career suicide far worse lol. But you get the point.

You may say I've gone too far and avoided seeking jobs when there would only be a slight chance of anything unethical happening - and you may be right. Maybe I was too "paranoid", and I'm not trying to give a sense of moral superiority to myself. If I had to do things all over again I probably would have told myself to just go for the money. It's better than my current situation right? Not that I would've necessarily made the money anyways. But nevertheless this reminds me a bit of the culture I felt when I was in university - maybe I went too far with my pessimism - but this shows I may have at least had a point and am not the raving lunatic some of you think I am.

I have to go... so I'm going to wrap this up. I was about to post a thread in Schools or Employment anyway about why I failed despite to the university, and I think at that time for the right reasons too. Hopefully someone will read it. Anyway, cya for now.

TooMuch 03-17-12 11:26 AM

Well, there's more to life than money. Sometimes you just have to do what feels right. Like what you're saying here.

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