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ferrets 02-22-12 09:30 AM

Vroom Vrooom has Harley say's (Batman).

I have ownership of a scooter today, jeans today for training and my Helmet tomorrow :)
Then it will be CBT time......SCARY!!!!!!!
No joke Iam shitting bricks here.It be my first time ever on the road and probably on the scooter too..............crap crap crap crap.

Any tips anyone? lol

Aries 02-22-12 10:09 AM


Unlike this ferret on a bike....wear you gear!:hug:

Aries 02-22-12 10:13 AM


None of this too! :rofl:

ferrets 02-22-12 01:55 PM

:rofl: that made me laugh and smile ^_^
Nope no drinking, don't really drink and I have only got to get my helmet tomorrow and I have got everything ^_^
Ferret will be a good ferret and wear her gear :)

ferrets 02-22-12 02:01 PM

Oh I forgot to add


Weekend I have my CBT test AHHHHHHHH!!! Iam scared lol

mmch85 02-22-12 03:50 PM

good job sweetie :cool:

buy a builders high viz vest from BnQ or homebase (like a few )
you will be much more visible

ferrets 02-23-12 02:34 AM

Thanks Mousey :)

I can get a free one from my dad I should think, will have to ask him :) he can get the big jackets so Iam sure he could get me a vest :)

So nervous though, not long today and tomorrow screaming in my head and then Saturday screaming out loud lol no really, I think I be ok once I get use to it....Well I hope I be ok lol.

When Other half told me he had booked it I scream in my head so loud lol.Early morning, have be up about 6:30-7 then to get to training by 9.Its going to be a long day for me, not sure how Iam getting back after training but I just hope I pass lol

Ghostnyourmidst 02-23-12 06:26 AM

Just relax but keep an eye on everything around you. Riding is AWESOME but you need to watch for the idiots out there. :thumbsup:

daftone 02-23-12 06:53 AM

"Rev up your Harley" - YouTube

The fact that you mention that quote makes me wonder if this video was posted here before, but it's worth posting again if it was.

ferrets 02-23-12 09:40 AM

Thanks Ghost :) I hope everything goes well. I won't be taken on the road until the trainer thinks Iam ready so it should go ok. 2-2 and half hour road ride......ahhhhh lol

Hehehe Daftone thats my fav part :) Harley is the best :) Thanks.

This is the helmet I got today

Can wear my glasses and its nice and comfy to wear :)

Not long now lol

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