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mizfrenzymind 02-20-12 09:28 AM

Neat Freak...
I am aware I have OCD because I tend to be very keen as to how things are.. I do office job and i always tidy my stuff in an orderly fashion. It's a bit freaky to some people coz I would always try to straighten things on my table. Staplers, punchers, notes should be aligned. This is the same at home. I want my bed to look perfect, free from wrinkles. Books are arranged by height and thickness same with toiletries. I know it's far from just being a perfectionist since I just feel weird when I see things in a mess. It's like i can't bear the sight and eventually would sort them out.

Aries 02-20-12 10:29 AM

mizfrenzymind - As I was reading over this, I was wondering if you've seen anybody for it? Have you read any books on OCD? Informing yourself, at least to me, is have a good understanding of what ocd is and ways to help you, help yourself work through it.:hug: I found a few site for you and I hope you don't mind that I'm posting it.:hug:


mizfrenzymind 02-20-12 12:33 PM

Hi Aries...

Thanks for your comment. I have quite an understanding of what OCD is all about from books I've read and also with previous lessons I had when I was in college since we've dealt with this in our psychology subject. I've never really seen someone to talk about it. I don't see it as a big problem to be honest. I've never even thought I'm different until I got to a point when people would tell me that I'm so organized it's unbelievable. Yes it bothers me at times when things are all messed up but as much as possible I try to just remind myself that it's ok and it's not gonna do me harm if something's not aligned. I just kinda look at the fun side of it. I don't want it to actually take over me in the sense that it would make me feel like a total freak.

And oh, thanks for the site. :-)

Aries 02-20-12 12:39 PM

I see and can understand your point(s) that you've made.:hug: From my understanding (with the friends I've had that have that) it can get 'worse' if they don't find ways (each person's different) to 'cope' with it. :hug: That being said, it's good that you've checked out books and done your own 'homework' on it. That's always a good place to start, with finding things that help understand ocd and finding 'tools' that we can use to 'curb' some of them. I would love to have my house so 'meticulously' organized.:hug:

20depressed 02-22-12 01:12 AM

I don't think I've ever been formally "diagnosed" with OCD, but I believe I started to get it when I was about 13 from a traumatic incident. I became a big germiphobe and became very anxious if something wasn't the way I liked to keep it or if something was "dirty". I remember completely separating my school and home life. When I came home from school, I took a shower and if I had homework, I would make sure to wash my hands after doing it so the germs from school didn't interfere with my home which I perceived as clean.

My mom made me see a counselor, but it didn't really help. I didn't like talking about it, let alone to a therapist I didn't know, because I knew it was stupid. He told me that I'll probably feel this way my whole life, but if you can minimize it to where it's not a problem, you'll be ok. I didn't like hearing that I can't change and I stopped seeing any therapist.

I learned that my symptoms are triggered by stress and depression. You can tell when I'm stressed because I go on a cleaning spree ha. I've learned that I'm always going to be person that considers cleanliness to be a higher priority than other things, but nothing to where it's abnormal. So I guess that therapist was right. I've minimized my problem to where it doesn't affect my life anymore, but it's still a part of me.

My opinion is that you don't have OCD. I personally don't like the term. It sounds like you're just a neat person and there's nothing wrong with that. Some people are extremely messy, but they aren't labeled as having a "disorder". To me, a disorder means that something is negatively affecting your life. Being organized is just a characteristic that makes you an individual.

Also, reading this made me think of Monica from Friends.

mizfrenzymind 02-22-12 04:56 AM

Well i think mine is somewhat manageable. And yes I am naturally a neat person but it can sometimes be over board. I suffer from depression and is constantly under stress. I have never went to see someone about it coz then i thought it will go away. It did for sometime but i get random attacks. Apart from the freaky cleaning, I get obssessed with thoughts that something's not right. And it affects me bad coz my focus tends to get messed up and such brings me more stress.

20depressed 02-22-12 06:17 AM

Well since you said it has gone away at times, that means that it isn't just constantly getting worse. My guess is that it's just a reaction to being stressed then. I think if it was truly OCD, you would be doing this constantly and adding new rituals that disrupt your life. Do you notice that when you're very relaxed, your less preoccupied with being "neat"? If so, and you truly don't like being over-organized, try finding a different way to deal with the stress. I think your going to be fine though.

mizfrenzymind 02-22-12 07:46 AM

Im trying to just find my way through this coz it actually disrupts my life at some points... It has its worse times and during those, i find myself plagued with irrational worries. I dont know, guess my behavior is my response to overwhelming stressful situations.. Like when i start feeling anxious, i tend to clean or do things to tire myself..

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