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Lovestory 02-02-12 02:17 AM

Borderline personality disorder
I really want to discuss this with people. So I did this thread. Please, anyone, if you are here, you can write here. Im feeling so alone.

Something about BPD.

1. Shifts in mood lasting only a few hours
2. Anger that is inappropriate, intense or uncontrollable
3. Self-destructive acts (one of the highest suicide rate)

4. Self-damaging impulsive behaviors - alcohol and other drug abuse, compulsive spending, gambling, eating disorders, shoplifting, reckless driving, compulsive sexual behavior (masochism, sadism)

5. Persistent identity disturbance shown by uncertainty in self-image, sexual orientation, career choice or other long-term goals, friendships, values - people with BPD may not feel like they know who they are, or what they think, or what their opinions are, or what religion they should be

6. Chronic feelings of emptiness or boredom, "lack of a life"

7. Unstable, chaotic intense relationships characterized by splitting
8. Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment

  • Splitting: the self and others are viewed as "all good" or "all bad." Someone with BPD said, "One day I would think my doctor was the best and I loved her, but if she challenged me in any way I hated her. There was no middle ground as in like. In my world, people were either the best or the worst. I couldn't understand the concept of middle ground."
  • Alternating clinging and distancing behaviors (I Hate You, Don't Leave Me). Sometimes you want to be close to someone. But when you get close it feels TOO close and you feel like you have to get some space. This happens often.
  • Great difficulty trusting people and themselves. Early trust may have been shattered by people who were close to you.
  • Sensitivity to criticism or rejection
  • Feeling of "needing" someone else to survive
  • Heavy need for affection and reassurance
  • Some people with BPD may have an unusually high degree of interpersonal sensitivity, insight and empathy
9. Stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms

  • Their lives may be a chaotic landscape of job losses, interrupted educational pursuits, broken engagements, hospitalization (thats me)
  • Many have a background of childhood physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or physical/emotional neglect
Thank you for anyone willing to help.

Knox 02-02-12 04:23 AM

Oh wow.... My mother has BPD, but reading this makes me think I do too. Now I'm afraid I will end up like her.

Lovestory 02-02-12 05:24 AM

Say hi to your mom :smile: Why you think you have this? Which symptoms are close to you?

Knox 02-02-12 05:32 AM

All of them, except perhaps that my inappropriate anger, implusive and self-destructive urges are controllable.

Lovestory 02-02-12 05:40 AM

Oh, even if you would have it, im really glad to find someone close to me. Sending you a hug. Wanna discuss some things? Me-personally, would like to discuss my destructive sexual behaviour.. Do you understand me? You have this too?

Knox 02-03-12 12:39 AM

I am not sure if I understand. I relate to a lot of what you wrote in your OP but that is not my primary problem in life so I am not the best person to talk to about it. Sorry.

Hopefully another member can be more helpful to you :smile:

dieing to stay alive 02-05-12 12:53 AM

hey guys i have this disorder too.living with it from childhood.its such a difficult thing to handle.keep the topic running.

Azriele 02-06-12 05:16 AM

I was diagnosed a few years ago as Bipolar (a diagnosis that I eventually rejected and was never treated for it). I noticed that my symptoms tend to match up with Borderline much more than with Mania (I definitely have the Depression part!) but I don't want to mention it to my new doctor... I don't know why... maybe he'll think I'm silly for trying to diagnose my own symptoms? (I did do a psych degree so I it did interest me way earlier than when I first thought I had it). I don't really do anything self-destructive anymore (I did quite a few things when I was younger though) but I definitely do get angry at the drop of a hat though, and can sometimes come across as really aloof and rude (I was always really friendly when I was a kid), I never used to be moody and over the past five years or so my mood change frequently. I abused drugs and alcohol, used to have an eating disorder (still do, really) and have had no direction since finishing uni 7 years ago despite being confident and sure about my future when growing up. I am very fearful of rejection and criticism. And I am very black and white about everything.

Lovestory 02-13-12 06:55 AM

Azriele - describe your black and white thinking more. Is it really shifting a lot?
Why you dont wanna consult, I think you should consult it with doctor. It is a great releaf to know.

dieing to stay alive 02-14-12 01:39 AM

i have all symptoms thats mentioned above,i been through sexual abuse physical abuse, bullying,pretty much everything, my parents where never there and been alone and thats how my personality changed and it went into borderline and its so hard to help yourself in this state.. i cant explain to others thats the toughest thing to do. i tried all kind of psycho therapy all kind of medications and while trying that i attempted sucide twice been hospitalized ...still living with it.. i have self punished million times. it seems there is no cure for it. so guys what do you guys do as you guys know you have borderline.Anything helps how do you guys live with it ?
keep the discussion running..as this is the only thread for BPD and section i have seen yet...

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