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Abudhabigirl 01-20-12 11:51 AM

Stopping Birth Control Pills
I've been on BC for about 15 years now (started to help with migraines when I was a teenager), except for a brief period of a couple months when I had an IUD and bled like a stuck pig (yeah, I know TMI).

Has anyone stopped using hormonal birth control in order to help their depression or mania? I say mania because I think that might be a bigger part of my problem than depression because of my angry fits.

TooMuch 01-20-12 12:03 PM

No, I had to stop Birth Control Pills because I'm too old. My doctor doesn't want me on the pill after I turned 40. I didn't see any changes in my behaviour though. That's interesting. Thanks.

Abudhabigirl 01-20-12 12:08 PM

Well, my husband swears he sees a big difference in my behavior during the off week (no pills and period), and so we've been toying with the idea of stopping using BC pills for a while, but neither of us is ready for a baby so condoms just don't seem like enough.

dieing to stay alive 01-21-12 12:58 AM

i tired these pills for 2 months and my mood got worst so i stopped and i dont find it of any help.try some herbal instead of these chemical in them for depression these hormonal meds make mood go away up and than go away too low..as far is the contraceptive try any other alternatives

xxdestiny92xx 01-21-12 03:11 AM

i went on the pill mainly because i suffer really bad with cramps etc whilst im on the cycle, however ive out on quite a bit of weight on it and im really self concious anyway so ive decided to stop, i stopped two weeks ago and i havent noticed anything with my moods and neither has anyone else, well they havent said anything if my mood has..x

Abudhabigirl 01-21-12 10:46 AM

My husband really wants me to stop the BC pills, because he knows I'm worse depression/mania wise during that time of the month. My problem with that is, if we go to condoms as our birth control method, I'll be too scared of getting pregnant to have sex. No babies for me!

I don't know if an IUD is a possibility here in Abu Dhabi, but I'm making an appointment tomorrow to see a gynae who hopefully can help me.

Abudhabigirl 01-23-12 05:37 AM

So I've decided to stop the pill, even if I can't get an IUD, but I'm a little worried that it's going to affect my sex life: what if I'm too scared to have sex because I 100% do not want to have a baby? Ever. I'm almost 30 and absolutely sure I'm not meant to be a mother. I'd like the hubby to get snipped, but that's illegal here!

Abudhabigirl 01-31-12 11:05 AM

OK, just saw the gynae. She's German and her english wasn't so good, but we understood each other. Female problems are universal.

One more month of birth control and then I'm getting a Mirena IUD put in. I had a Paraguard before and hated it (too much bleeding), but this one has hormones and most women I know who have it love it. Here's hoping!

hottea654 01-31-12 11:45 AM

IUD's classically cause heavier bleeding, so be prepared if you do see some of that. It doesn't mean you'll die or anything is wrong with you, it is simply an effect of their use, though I can't remember any specific reasons why right now. I had an IUD and also experienced heavier bleeding when I had it some years ago.

I have found that the normal pill makes me feel like it unbalances my hormones, like I am on drugs and it makes me feel very crappy. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and not conducive to relationships or good sex. I talked with my doctor about that, that it was too much pill and asked him if there was anything less strong that still protected from pregnancy. He said there was and prescribed me a pill that was less hormone. That worked well for me and I felt a lot better. I think especially today there are a LOT of options for ladies, including having your tubes tied. There are hormone implants that they put in arms or somewhere similar (only saw adds for them). There are different kinds of pills and IUD's, hormone rings that go somewhere intravaginally (Nuvaring?), around the cervix I think. See what is out there... the internet has much information to offer.

Abudhabigirl 01-31-12 11:57 AM

I live in the Middle East, so the pill I was on and loved (Loestrin FE) isn't available here at all. Women's health care is a low priority. I had the copper IUD before and hated it, but not more than I hate the way I feel on the pill that's available here. I have a doctor I trust, so I'm going to try the Mirena.

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