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versae 01-17-12 02:37 PM

my end of the world dream
was reading greycraze's when it reminded me fo the one i had, figured i'd write it down :)

ok this is what a remember..
i woke up.. went downstairs i could feel everystep and every breath i took felt so real, i got downstairs and went into the living room and watched the news...
they were talking about that hole in the ozone and that it was getting bigger and deeper, and saying the usuall don't worry carry on BS.
so then i did stuff i do every day such has make lunch play on the computer... this dream felt like it lasted about a week...
the next day came and i went downstairs and watched the news... the hole was getting larger and the ozone around it was dicepating, like our ozone was being eaten away pretty quickly..

there was panic... my parants didn't go to work, only the "vital" work places stayed worked, schools were shut down and a few shops closed.

then the next day came
i woke up and went downstairs and watched the news, they said the hole was getting far larger, and that its not going to stop, and that this "is the end of the world... has we know it" i wondered why
(i missed the explanation on the news about why it was the end)
... then my sister showed me outside..
and you could feel a gentle constant breeze going in one direction... turns out the hole had gotten so large that all of aerths gases were being sucked into the vacume of space..

so a few days went by, in those days the panic in our area and others slowed dow and pple began to accept the end, the doors of stores remaind open so everyone could pretty much take what they like, the police stopped the ones starting fights along with a few other good people

has those days went by the breeze turned into a strong wind, the BBC kept broadcasting with updats, that on the oppisite side of the earth (from the hole) some areas the air was so little that large populations have suffecated and others in the process of suffecating..
mass suicides..

i remember on the last day i was sitting in my room with my window open and me leaning halfway out of it with my hand reached out feeling the air brush past my fingers..
i remember my dad coming in and sitting next to me, we talked.... about everything including that we both regret that we talk so rarely...
during the conversation there was an explosion in the house opposite us, the windoes blasted outwards with flames.. i could feel the heat on my face...
(they probably decided to end it themselfs rather than wait)
the feelings that i had at the time of that was just so real it was amazing... and i think at that point i knew it was a dream, but kept watching..

so dad went downstairs and i was alone....... with my hand out the window just feeling the wind rush past... and it felt like iw as there for hours before there was a slow bright flash and i woke up..

soon has i woke i sat up and went to look at the house that exploded in my dream... it was still there lol :)

but i have never felt such strong feelings before, especially ina dream... it was strange.. can't explain it i just wanted to cry :'(

crap i wrote more than i thought : /

steven 01-19-12 02:24 PM

wow versae that sounds like quite a dream. have you taken time to digest it and what it might mean?

versae 01-19-12 02:40 PM

maybe it means my immagination is bored... i really have no way of finding out.

steven 01-20-12 09:43 AM

That's true, but still, quite an awesome dream. I do not remember mine that much. Seems like when I wake up, I forgot what I had dreamed during the night.

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