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too much 01-06-12 12:14 PM

can't take it
Where to start. Feb of 2010 my father got sick, my uncle had already been diagnosised with cancer, in march my aunt also with cancer. In May my boss was in the hospital, on deaths bed, May 16th my father died, which was also week of finals at college, I missed my finals, I was laid off May 31. That was it I was in the hospital that night cause of a sucide attempt. I was diagnosised with skin cancer on June 6th, my fathers celebration of life was July 3rd the day before my daughter went to live with her father after being with me for the first 11 years of her life. My uncle died in Sept. On anti-depressants and starting to feel a little better. My boss and aunt survived. I became pregnant in october and had a miscarriage in nov not knowing I was pregnant with twins. I found out a week after that that I was still prego. Because I am pregnant I am off my anti-depressants and not knowing how to deal with life. Today i want to give up.....

ZapDepression 01-08-12 03:12 AM

Giving Up
Giving up, or at least wanting to give up, is something I understand all too well. That's the point at which I've reached complete overwhelm. Sounds like you've got good reason for reaching that point yourself. I hope you have some good friends who are open to just listen.

junip 01-08-12 08:39 PM

Massive hugs too much - you have been through much and I highly doubt you have yet to even rightfully grieve for all that has happened. I hope one day you are given time to reflect and recover

please hold hope for yourself, your daughter, and unborn child!!

hottea654 01-12-12 07:54 AM


Skylerzx 06-27-12 03:29 AM

If your considering suicide like I was...go to youtube and type in hell near death experiences...You'll get a whole new outlook on life. I recently lost most of my family, lost our home and job...So, I know where your coming from. Peace be with you!

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